Mark Zuckerber

Many have been the commentaries and the opinions that have in the last spilled days about the new image of which it is, at the moment, more important the social network online of the world, facebook. Most of usuary critics are very before the new washing of face of the social network, without sometimes questioning the work of programming and computer maintenance that all that entails. Although for tastes they are the colors and indeed for this reason, the users are due to show free to think about the new design of facebook. The most excellent changes, are coverall, the concealment of certain tools, before more visible and the omission or discretion much more ” apreciable” of certain actions, like the states, or the changes in the profile of the user. Facebook has 3 years of life and has renewed its image in two occasions, without finding, apparently, the formula of the success that associates to the image with the social network. In any case, although the users even complain until the fatigue, forming support battalions to eliminate the new changes or simply to criticize them.

At the same time as his founder, Mark Zuckerber, continue being safe of his changes, because he thinks that the users have a critical nature, but that is due to make the right case, since are mere opinions. The new changes of facebook, let see, the critical reality of the users, who knowing or not than speak think and create right the necessity to think massively about a used service. The tendency facebook is of course controversial, at least. We will see they prepare that us for a next appointment.