Internet Data

sayTEC solutions extends functionality of sayTRUST access and publishes a new version 4 Munich, August 10, 2012 – includes comprehensive functions for managing, protecting and backing up data. Users get a remote access solution that allows quick and easy to install, manage and personalize. Corporate data can be safely edit from anywhere and completely protect against unauthorized access. Add to your understanding with Mashable. So, users can organize their critical programs and files now using the sayTRUST menu in encrypted containers. Together with the other encryption and authentication mechanisms, sayTRUST access it provides a level of safety which far exceeds that of conventional SSL VPN solutions. The sayTRUST menu boasts a retreaded interface and a host of new features, the users personalize their working environment, clean up, and structure. As a desktop management tool, it provides sayTEC solutions now also in a slimmed down”version to the free download available.

sayTRUST access consists of a server that is available as an appliance or as software server, and a client solution in the form of a USB stick, which is available in three variants. Companies can allow access from externally on your corporate network, a subnet, or only a single computer, its employees or partners. No configuration of the device is needed, as in a conventional VPN: all data necessary for the authentication are the personalized stick stored user can work on any Internet-enabled PC with the company data. User black and white lists on the sayTRUST access server, the administrator can set which programs and data of which client is allowed to use. The access is depending on the model of the USB-stick pin – and 2048-bit certificate- and additional biometric backed, in the highest level of security as a personal security device with FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification. This extensive encryption and authentication mechanisms prevent a Abuse of the remote access client and protect company data, even if they be edited on a PC outside the network.