Indoor Units

Indoor units are the method of fixing wall and wall, ceiling (ceiling, wall, so called because they can be attached to the ceiling and the floor). There are a cluster and multi-zone indoor units, but they will be discussed in next time. In the apartments most often establish precisely the inner wall blocks. With the blinds moving wall unit can change the direction of airflow. But the power of wall blocks specifically limited to – otherwise strong jet of cold air will simply "blow back" everything in its path. But if the premises (for example, in the office) requires more powerful air conditioner, install floor-to-ceiling unit. He will send a strong jet along the wall or ceiling thus provide a uniform temperature distribution in the room. Our advice: if the length of the room greatly exceeds its width, it is much more efficient to install floor-to-ceiling air conditioner! Split systems differ in power (cooling) and design.

Design choice – at the discretion of the buyer. And what about the power necessary to consult a specialist. In this case you need to know: 1. Area (volume) your premises. 2. Size of the window, toward the light, to which it goes. 3. The presence (absence) of window blinds.

4. The number of permanently operating machinery, produce heat (TV, computer, etc.). 5. The number of radiators in rooms. 6. The number of people residing in the premises. 7. Is there a forced ventilation? Another tip: if a firm in which you want to get air conditioning, you do nothing about it was asked, the better they did not buy it.