1 Excesses: accumulations where calculations, there should be no such as fat, cholesterol, adenomas, overproduction of compounds. Example eat lots of sugar, produces much insulin, the body responsible for processing this is the pancreas which would suffer a cellular wear by overwork.The pancreas normally have to make 100 units of insulin, what happens if you eat you triple sugar? The pancreas has to form 300 units instead of 100, do you think that this excess causes something? how are reflected deficiencies and shortcomings?Massive cell death, damage to the integrity of the cell, its functions will deteriorate, he dies due to lack of nutrients. But obviously they have to million die before an organ failure.When the body tries to replenish the cells with material insufficient creates defective cells, and these are tumors that originate and cancers, i.e. If a cell reproduces with little material the new cells are defective. Many problems of some cancers have their origin in the nutrition although many doctors are not of acuerdoUn organ lost cells, and to replenish them need material, if insufficient creates defective cells, arrives and these create tumors and cancers.

If you contribute to your agency 114 nutrients every day perhaps cancer never touch your body 2 – cell reproduction altered deficient and insufficient, see incomplete cellular accounts such as anemia.Inability of replenish cells that arise and die.Inability to repair tissues, repair organs and heal (ulcers, fistulas, wounds). why finally for that need the material that comes in food?To replace cells and repair organs, this is what is sought with nutrition. 3 Inability to defend the Agency, imagine that a bacterium enters the body and the body does not have enough material to create the defence cells and then beats the bacteria to the body and gives you an infection. 5. You stay low in stature. 6. Problems of reproduction, in this case the men do not form sufficient sperm, it takes around 3 million sperm to be able to fertilize an egg.