Cholesterol: HDL And LDL

The high cholesterol is one of the calls " hiperlipemias" , an abnormally high level of greasy substances in the blood. Pete Cashmore may not feel the same. The derived complications more common are the calls ateromas of cholesterol, are acmulos greasy that are deposited in the walls of the arteries, causing that loses their elasticity and reducing their diameter. Over the years, ateromas of cholesterol is the people in charge of as serious diseases as the cerebrovascular accidents or ictus, cardiopathies, thrombosis and infarcts among others. On the other hand, it is important to clarify that the cholesterol is an essential component for the life. It appears in cellular membranes of our cells and one is in charge of the synthesis of some hormones, biliary acids and vitamin D. In many cases the problem of hipercolesterolemia comes dice by an excess of cholesterol in the diet, that added to the endogenous synthesis of our body, can increase to too much the sanguineous levels of cholesterol. If all the population fitted itself to a healthy menu based on the Mediterranean Diet, incidence of hipercolesterolemia would be reduced remarkably.

The desirable total cholesterol levels are always below < 200 mg/dl. It is important to pay attention to the relation between cholesterol HDL (good cholesterol) and cholesterol LDL (bad cholesterol), the suitable levels of these 35 lipoproteins are of mg/dl for the HDL or good cholesterol and 130 mg/dl for the LDL or bad cholesterol. Modifications on the diet and the style of life To moderate the calories of the diet: The caloric content of the diet influences the rate of circulating lipids having itself demonstrated that the high diets in calories stimulate the hepatic production of the LDL (bad cholesterol). * To avoid excess of refreshments, caramels, snack, chocolates and other foods chaptalisations. To limit the undesirable fat consumption: Present the saturated fats and the cholesterol in several food groups can increase the cholesterol total and unbalance the values of HDL/LDL increasing these last ones.