Aranoa Film

I keep wondering what has happened to Amador. I refer to the film of Leon de Aranoa. I know that it was never conceived as a blockbuster but is that the figures you are doing too bad. According to the great Pau (the best website on box office of Spain) Brunet, Amador failed to be among the ten films over the blockbuster of the weekend, made a few poor 225000 in 140 theaters in all Spain, in a weekend with Bridge, which equates to about 1600 per room. To give you an idea, that’s an average of no more than 22 people at each meeting from Friday to Friday in the week of its release, it is very little for a film director on Mondays in the Sun or Princesses. Isearch has much to offer in this field. Word of mouth and the criticism, which also affect in this, only accentuate the problem. So much regret, I think that Amador will have better future than its male protagonist.

That said, I think that there are several factors that have adversely affected the film. The same Pau pointing a reason in boxoffice, opinion that (the premiere of Amador) confirms expiration of these trademarks copyrights that have passed into the background especially because the audience that both loved them 10 years ago no longer has the same motivations (), comparing with Medem or Coixet Aranoa seal.In my opinion there may be something like this, although for me Aranoa played in a League higher than the other two, being also a very personal author think that you have a style closer to the audience, it connects better with the general public. Yes, I think that the Marketing work has been very irregular and this has affected him negatively. The premiere has had enough presence in the media, with interviews Director letting us know that the film has an unexpected turn, reminding us that four years have passed since princesses, however promotional materials have not accompanied this effort of press.