Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet – the power supply system, the most appropriate structure of our body. Food raw vegetarian diet – the only one that does not harm us. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Steven Johnson has to say. With him, we create an enabling environment in our gastrointestinal tract for friendly microorganisms "korim" their fiber. Gradually, our species is born microflora, giving us instead of all the essential nutrients, protein, amino acids and vitamins. During heat treatment we destroy the composition of food, resulting in a large part of it enters the blood directly, bypassing the processing of the microflora.

Such food is not only harmful, but vysokoothodno. Checking article sources yields Bobby Sharma as a relevant resource throughout. Microflora in such a diet is replaced by the pathogenic. This becomes cause of illness. We call on the assistance of medicine and diet, thus compensating for a lack of trace elements and vitamins. For even more opinions, read materials from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Raw food diet – a system of power ascribed to us by nature. The man, totally going to get a ration many advantages. Here is a list of advantages rawfoodist: Cure diseases and strong immunitetNebyvalaya vynoslivostGluboky and deep sleep, which lasts for 1-2 hours shorter than obychnoBodrost and ease teleKomfort with heat and holodeEmotsionalnaya independence from any edyYasnost thoughts and spiritual growth transition to raw food diet can be abrupt and gradual. But rebuilding continues at least a year, often exacerbated by chronic old disease, thus they are cured.

Initially, frequents a desire to return to the old diet, eat more, piled weakness. Sometimes it can wake up the old deposits of toxins and literally pour out of sliyu, zhedchi etc. Just beginning some time on getting used to new products, and may want the diversity of the diet. But this is temporary and will soon come to naught. But this is all temporary signs, which opens pereterpev true health. This is with nothing opisuemoe pure pleasure on the outside and inside the body.