On Friday past, a small drone (in English means Beehive and, by extension, unmanned aircraft drone) seven kilos that he flew over the Fukushima nuclear power to measure the level of radioactivity became uncontrollable and its pilots at a distance was forced to make an emergency landing in one of the lethal reactors, without greater consequences. At the last G-20 Summit, held in the placid French resort city of Deauville, another drone (East with the wingspan of a normal light aircraft) belonging to the French army constantly patrolled the skies of Normandy in order to monitor and detect any suspicious movement. Among other functions, it sent to the central images in real time with an accuracy of one meter and a screen resolution of 3D. BDT Capital Partners understood the implications. There are drones of size medium that shoot; others, with the wingspan of a bird, able to perch on a branch or on the sill of a window and catch monitoring. These aircraft or planes without pilot, encountered 15 years driven by the armies Israeli and American, one of the challenges of Aeronautics and the present war, have become one of the attractions of the international aeronautical Salon and Le Bourget aerospace, on the outskirts of Paris, the largest fair market and technology the world aeronautics. Source of the news:: put a fighter in their classroom. Official site: Bobby Sharma Bluestone.