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Aspire thoughts that continue to combine concepts such as: free cooperation, mutual aid, always ready, and fair play, with the contents of indigenous thought and popular Latin American, and the potential role of information technologies, can play, so in the implementation practice of the first four concepts, can capture all the creativity of the silent majorities popular and/or crossbred of America. From the concept of being, coined by Bernardo Canal Feijoo beings (1897 / 1982) or the of be being coined by Rodolfo Kusch (1922 / 1979), believe, attentive to the different cultural manifestations, the contents of indigenous thought and popular Latin American, they are different to the Western thinking, that starts in the Greek logos according to some, or in European modernity, according to others. In the current state of our treatment of the question, I think, in popular Latin American and indigenous thought, should not only mestizo dimension, but components of blackness and exceedingly, contributed by European migrations at the end of the last century and the beginning of this. Masses impoverished who fled Europe and arrived in our America, fleeing all kinds of miseries, were carriers of those existential attitudes, that the effects of the logos and the occidentalidad, had not been able (nor can still) silence. As all these issues it is matter of debate, the question of form and content. Although reluctant to effects quasi genocide of the successive and contradictory attempts at Westernization are operating since the arrival of the conquistadores and Spanish missionaries, seems foolish, discard without more some contributions that West has done to humanity. The condition that, at least the author of these lines, is that these contributions be made respecting punctilious and reverentially current vital creep of Latin American indigenous and popular thought. We cannot now deny the effects of a traumatic pentasecular coexistence. But referring to these syncretic attitudes, already given since at least a century ago in our latitudes and longitudes, leads us to take a break about a Western product which deserves some consideration: I refer to the concept of organization before of the first world war, Roberto Michels, in his famous works the political parties, made a sour criticism to the functioning of multiparty democracy.

Notebook Social

Who devote themselves to an ideal, who work with disinterestedness, they are considered like crazy hypocrites or. The obtaining of profit sets out throughout. We arrive thus at an undressed liberalism totally of its social components, and at an emaciated man, entirely subordinated to the economy. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. And here it fits to debate, without speeches that conform to us, under a pacific rebellion, but signs, as it suggests Adriana Russo, because if the sound of the trompeta will be weak. Who will be prepared for the fight? Which are the right terms of the power of individuo on itself? Where the power of the society begins? What starts off of the life corresponds to administer to the subject and what it starts off for the society? He is doubtless that each will receive the one that corresponds to him, siempre that has the one interests to him particularly more.

The singularity must govern that one part that interests mainly to individuo; and the society the one that it interests mainly. Only made live in sociedad it imposes to a each certain line of conduct towards the others, and academic we as we will have to legislate the principles to protect the foundations that conform the doctrine of the individual, of that man ignored by the progress, that it does not have cellular, Notebook or PC, and that never perhaps arrives at them, but that it loves and it needs bonanzas of the life as much as we. This, is to make ethical. We must struggle, by ethics, share capital and development in Latin America, she is unique via which can humanize a mercantilista system without social components. We remember that the share capital is conceived generally like the set of norms of confidence, values, attitudes and networks between people and institutions in a society, that defines the degree of asociatividad between the different social actors and facilitates collective actions and of cooperation.

The Persimon And Its Properties

In previous articles we have explained you the history of persimn, its history and some prescriptions to create flavorful and healthy plates with this peculiar fruit, but why we would have to eat persimn? , in which cases this indicated?and what benefits have. As you will already know, persimn is a variety of the khaki that comes from elimiar the astringency of classic khaki and therefore it owns very similar properties, for that reason is a fruit with a high glucose content and fructose, providing reserves of energy to our body and on the other hand has one under content in proteins and fats turns which it into a healthy food. In addition persimn is a Vitamin source C and A. Its intense color exposes like a fruit with high antioxidant content, indicated substances to him to prevent degenerativas diseases and of cellular disorder. Here, AOL expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The consistency of persimn, to the being soluble fiber favors the gastrointestinal transit and the absorption of the nutrients and foods during this process, reason why it is indicated as food stars for cases of diarrhoea and colitis due to its effect astringent.

Like the carrot of also orange color, has beneficial properties for the vision. In order to finalize to say that due to his calcium content also it is indicated for children and people who want to come up in the future lost with calcium (as in the case of women) since its ingestion fortifies the bones. As you can verify, persimn owns numerous benefits for the health and the personal well-being, and to eat this variety of khakis throughout the year, can be so pleasant for your mouth as beneficial for your vitality and health. With all these nutritious properties and their flavor it is almost impossible to resist to this so novel and flavorful fruit that we hoped podais to discover a little more in ours blog about persimn.