Basque Jesuit

Investigations realised by Jose A. of Laburu S.J. ; priest and doctor Basque Jesuit. Laburu father says to us that the conduct of the man, or its behavior, is a product, resultant of mltipes factors that include two fundamental groups: organic biological and psychic the psychic one. Each group is integrated by subfactors.

In organic the biological one, we found the following subfactors: the central nervous system, the vegetative nervous system, the glandular internal secretion system, cellular metabolic processes, cellular and humoral ionic modifications. The psychic psychic group, the subfactors of sensations, associations, memories, imaginations, affections, experiences, intelecciones, volitions enter and whichever conscious or unconscious psychic facts are in I. The resulting product of the interaction of all the somatic-psychic factors of an individual, is the one that determines its behavior or its conduct. The biological factor plus the psychic factor is equal to present Conduct. In the will it is the rudder that governs and governs the course of the behavior of the man.

But that power of the will, does not include everything, since factors exist on which no influence can exert. What influences can exert the Will in the organic factors that take part in the conduct of the man. The biological factors that can influence in the conduct of the man, can be genotpicos and paratpicos. The genotpicos are those that come by paternal or maternal hereditary route. These factors are endogenous (that are born from the interior). The paratpicos: they are the acquired biological factors in decurso of the life, as much uterine, as after the born being. In the Section " Salud" you will find articles of verified quality, related to " the power of the mind and the care of cuerpo" ; to others of other subjects, for a personal and spiritual growth. Original author and source of the article.

Cholesterol: HDL And LDL

The high cholesterol is one of the calls " hiperlipemias" , an abnormally high level of greasy substances in the blood. Pete Cashmore may not feel the same. The derived complications more common are the calls ateromas of cholesterol, are acmulos greasy that are deposited in the walls of the arteries, causing that loses their elasticity and reducing their diameter. Over the years, ateromas of cholesterol is the people in charge of as serious diseases as the cerebrovascular accidents or ictus, cardiopathies, thrombosis and infarcts among others. On the other hand, it is important to clarify that the cholesterol is an essential component for the life. It appears in cellular membranes of our cells and one is in charge of the synthesis of some hormones, biliary acids and vitamin D. In many cases the problem of hipercolesterolemia comes dice by an excess of cholesterol in the diet, that added to the endogenous synthesis of our body, can increase to too much the sanguineous levels of cholesterol. If all the population fitted itself to a healthy menu based on the Mediterranean Diet, incidence of hipercolesterolemia would be reduced remarkably.

The desirable total cholesterol levels are always below < 200 mg/dl. It is important to pay attention to the relation between cholesterol HDL (good cholesterol) and cholesterol LDL (bad cholesterol), the suitable levels of these 35 lipoproteins are of mg/dl for the HDL or good cholesterol and 130 mg/dl for the LDL or bad cholesterol. Modifications on the diet and the style of life To moderate the calories of the diet: The caloric content of the diet influences the rate of circulating lipids having itself demonstrated that the high diets in calories stimulate the hepatic production of the LDL (bad cholesterol). * To avoid excess of refreshments, caramels, snack, chocolates and other foods chaptalisations. To limit the undesirable fat consumption: Present the saturated fats and the cholesterol in several food groups can increase the cholesterol total and unbalance the values of HDL/LDL increasing these last ones.

Weight Loss

Almost all who have tried to lose weight ever have noticed that after leaving the diet not only retrieve the weight but that sometimes even increases more. This is what is known as rebound effect and is not allowing us lose weight naturally. The main problem is that many times we have very overweight or are trying to lose it quickly, without giving our body enough time to adapt to the changes. Therefore, if you want to lose weight naturally, you must forget fast diets or shock, which make you lose 3 or 4 kilos in a short time, even a couple of days. A diet of this style is the diet of the liquid, in which the only interested party drinks these preparations during the day for 3 or 4 days. Robotics expert helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. These diets are extremely unbalanced because although it provides some nutrients (minerals and vitamins present in fruits), has no proteins nor provides carbohydrates, fundamental to cellular structures and to provide energy.

Therefore it would be a risky situation physically. You would lose weight, but harming your health. s the place to go. Create healthy eating habits is the first step to losing weight naturally. Of course, this is not easy. But you can achieve this by making gradual substitutions. For example, you can substitute French fries for potatoes to the oven, red meat for chicken, sodas by juice, chocolates by jellies of course, it is not the same thing, but this will bring a significant reduction in calories and fats you eat. Once this has been achieved you can do diet to continue losing weight. However, to lose weight naturally is not enough with diet or with a reduction in calories: need to perform exercises.

So horrible that sounds, is the only way to lose weight in a harmonious manner. Exercise tones the muscles and stretch the skin, which will help you to more quickly improve their figure. It is not necessary to do strenuous exercises. 3 sets of 10 exercises per day will help you to get fit and take taste to exercise. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you you are in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is the most important thing that you read. Now Click here.

Sri Lanka

However, although Colombia owns an ample variety of minerals with interest for its commercial operation, still concerns iron, receives and aluminum with a view to satisfying its industrial needs. the cellular telephones are more popular in Europe than in the United States, almost two thirds of European they own a cellular telephone, compared just by the 25 percent of the Americans. the new cellular telephones incorporate electronic agendas, they can touch to archives of music in format mp3, and allow to use the videoconference through Internet. Checking article sources yields Ali Partovi as a relevant resource throughout. is to you the consumed drink more of the entire world, in front of the coffee. The specialty more drinking in the West is the black tea, that comes from India and Sri Lanka, its main producers. This variety represents 78% of the world-wide production.

The green tea mainly is consumed in China and Japan. To him rest of the production in the world corresponds to him 20%. doceavo and last Emperor Inca of Peru, Atahualpa (1500-1533) that was made prisoner in 1533 by Francisco Pizarro and the Spanish Conquerors in Cajamarca Peru, learned to play Chess seeing its guards to play and soon after the Chinese Emperor managed to gain to all to them Wen-you control to execute to 2 foreign players of Chess when finding out that one of the pieces of the game they called " Emperador." Its misfortune had to that its title of Emperor was associated with a simple game and prohibited the Chess. the first Clock of mechanical Chess was invented by Thomas Wilson in the year of 1883. Previously, Sand Clocks were used. The Sand Clocks were used for the first time in London in 1862. The present Clocks of oprimibles bellboys were perfected for the first time by Veenhoff in 1900. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra also was poet, novelist and dramatist.

Curious LabsPoser

If you are sick of such a situation and you will agree with me – read on. Give recipe. The problem will be solved radically! As for the time spent on its decision, it will be no more than what you spend on a permanent excavation in the body of libraries in the two previous cases. Great dignity I had proposed method is that all have to do only once. We assume that the installation libraries are with us in the form of exe files.

In most cases, the way it is. The variant representation library as an archive. In any case, we agree that when unpacking exe libraries or archives, we have to get the catalog, starting with the folder ‘Runtime’. In the best case, each subsequent file that installs or unpack in a folder ‘Runtime’ will increase its size by adding more and more library files. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info. If, after unpacking, we get a group of folders or files other than the above mentioned option, we must handle cause the variations to the required form. In practice, I obtained after correction of archived files, without compression and then unzip the folder ‘Runtime’. I draw your attention that all of the above process we are in any single directory on disk, and besides daddy ‘Runtime’ there’s nothing there. Develops the idea further.

Suppose we have an initial three drives with the model of ‘Victoria’ and the three disks with the model of ‘Michael’. So. All the manipulations we perform only those installyakami that are designed to Victoria and get the folder ‘Runtime’, respectively, only the libraries for Victoria. After that we go on the road RuntimelibrariesCharacter, create this folder with the name ‘ Victoria’ and all the folders are on the way move into the newly created. Just proceed with the files on the road: RuntimelibrariesFace RuntimelibrariesHair RuntimelibrariesHand RuntimelibrariesLight RuntimelibrariesPose RuntimelibrariesProps name of the folder created in all of these paths can be arbitrary, but should be the same. There will be no confusion. Exclamation marks delivered, so that it was at the top of the directory with the program. This will do away with scrolling. When you are finished, archiving received ‘Runtime’ with no compression and unpack it to its rightful place. I have a D: Curious LabsPoser 6 After all the above manipulations everything that relates to the model of ‘Victoria’ will be in your individual Daddy! The same should be done with other models. Of course, that does not necessarily hold each model and its library in a single daddy, the criteria for division may be different. But I found it convenient to do so. If you have any new libraries for a particular model, you can always, entered above way to supplement their ‘Runtime’.

Website Design

Following five simple steps, anyone can have their own web: 1. Log in Creating a personal website is very simple and takes less than five minutes, depending on whether or not the user is previously registered in In this case, the first step in creating the page will register with the portal. 2. Create your website and Differentiate: To create a personal page, it is necessary to know all the possibilities as to make it, so during the registration process will be guided step by step to professional and you can see examples of other users already enjoy your website. 3rd.

Fees may apply: Depending on user needs, can choose between two options to create your personal web: a free and a paying. The free option allows the practitioner to choose four modules of content to create your page, and will have a domain “” The payment option for only 29 euros a year, allows the user to use all the features available to give substance to his personal website, and will own a domain. “Com” or “. Is” with your name, created, controlled and administered by him. Whatever option the user chooses, the visibility of the professional and power management on your online profile is fully guaranteed. 4.

Choose a name: The name of the site will be the ‘personal brand’ of the user or their ‘personal branding’, the name by which you look through the Internet and for which I remember. When discharged a personal page, proposes the best domains available taking into account the professional and personal data according to criteria such as, for example, which is simple and easy to remember, that is unique, containing its name, etc. 5. Already have your homepage: Once you are discharged from the web, it’s time to give content and make it truly unique. The site administrator has three main areas: Content Area: Where you can create and edit content to be published on the website including News, Photos, Projects, Videos, About Me … Area MyPage: Here are configured content will appear on the site and how they will be. The free option is limited to four modules of content. In this area also activated modules social network content, such as “Twitter” or “Follow me on.” Area Configuration: This section defines the look of the web, such as its colors, the template or the background image.

Bread House

Restoration work was carried out stages. Well, for example, the Bread House. To clean it, we have used specially designed for such cases, weak-acid composition of the firm "Remmers," which allowed to achieve a gradual cleaning of bricks. The next step was cleaning natural stone from biozagryazneny – algae, moss, lichen, plants. The next step was to restore the strength of stones. The final step was to recreate the old type of brick masonry and white stone, which in many places had a frost cracks, chips and vyscherbliny. Solution seams in places completely lost strength, crumbled in their hands. To restore these bricks was applied special restorative solution that is in color, texture and physical-mechanical characteristics corresponds to the historical brick. Mashable may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

At the end of the brick walls were treated with a special water-repellent cream. Represented a challenge hydrophobization parts of white stone. For many years the surface of white stone tough (silikatizirovalas). It formed a thick protective crust. This led to the pores and capillaries stone over time, as it were shut down and badly missed reagents. Machining to clean the stone and then apply the discovery was impossible, as in this case, we would break it formed a protective crust. It was therefore decided to protect it from rain to apply the film-forming water-repellent agents.

Another complication – a white stone, in places over time, acquired a different color shades (depending on the contained in it impurities). Particularly ugly looked rusty spots stood out (iron oxides). Therefore required to apply in such cases, tinted with a color film-forming water-repellent agents historic or glazing color. And as far as the color corresponds to the historical, as it is authentic? Elena Kagramanova: the restoration of white stone on the Bread House, we have done on the facade of the six samples of possible kolerovok. Was proposed a palette of possible colors.

Construction Technologies

Several years ago, when there was a pressed steel deck, he made a revolution in construction and manufacturing of steel, thanks to a beautiful appearance, ease of installation, low cost production, pressed steel deck easily replaced expanded metal sheet (PVL) is used as floor slabs and steps in the construction industry. But technology does not stand still and today there is a new technical solution to be used as an alternative to steel decking – this outdoor decks on the basis of fiberglass. Scope of plastic decking as similar to the metal pressed decks, but they have some undeniable advantages, it is primarily a lower weight of the product that has a positive effect on the total weight of manufactured structures, they do not spend electric current, high resistance to bending and impact after falling on a deck heavy object, he, unlike his fellow metal takes its original shape while the iron floor is deformed and damaged section needs to be replaced, and again, the low cost of production. Little about the technology of production. Plastic decking despite its name actually are not, production technology decking on the basis of glass fiber strands is as follows: a specially made form fits a frame made of fiberglass strands in a grid, and then filled with a special epoxy resin that then with further heat treatment hardens, then cools and is removed from the mold all the product is ready, the decks of your choice may be different colors blue red yellow green, etc. to the same pluses the technology does and what a lattice is obtained by monolithic. Due to the use in the manufacture of plastic material produced in this way produce its appearance is limited only by your imagination, as well As the steel decking above method produced stairs railings, vertical ladders and handrails. There are a variety of plastic decking is first and foremost in the industry platforms, passages, stairs, livestock farms, in construction of multi-storey to the private sector. Continue to learn more with: Bryant Walker Smith . When using any article direct active link to the source required!

Pedagogical Evaluation

It hisses (apud ESLAND 2007), emphasizes that everything what it is learned if of the one for intermediary of the exchanges and the social relations. The dedicated professors, endowed with character and ethics, therefore its behavior influences in the motivation, if they worry about the learning of the pupils, and it looks for to stimulate them, it teaches, it searchs forms to motivate them, giving security to them to reach its objectives. She is necessary to consider all the abilities, the interests, the attitudes and the knowledge acquired inside and outside of the school, therefore the learning folloies the life of each one, in which the man learns to know the nature and to adjust itself adequately to its physical and social environment. The learning must however be inspired in the daily relations because it is an important process for the success of the survival of the citizen, she is necessary that it has educative ways to become these efficient relations, in way that didactic methods, programs, resume and objectives are reached, since to learn it involves the total and global participation of educating in its physical aspects, intellectual, emotional and social. The pupil learns for the participation in activities of all sort, as a dynamic process, therefore this work considers to argue Resume, Pedagogical Evaluation and Proposals, in a dialgica perspective as strategy for the learning. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mashable has to say.

The objective of this research is to analyze the relation professor-pupil and the importance for the learning, to recognize that it is possible to modify the pertaining to school environment in an interaction space and new constructions, and to supply different vises on the practical one, using new instruments that assist the prxis pertaining to school. Visit Zendesk for more clarity on the issue. The learning is resulted of the occured changes in that it learns. The pupil is a being that thinks, it feels and it acts, and all the apprehended process possesss motor and affective components. The being that learns, forms one meaning of this process: if it is interesting or enfadonho, or if it constitutes of a pleasant exercise, acquiring referring feelings to the activity to appreciate it, to value it or to disdain it, determining it as positive or negative. Ahead of the displayed one, it is the challenge of the professor to break the programmed pedagogical routine, establishing a pleasant relation between the knowledge and knowing of its pupils.

The methodology will be based on the bibliographical research, and the work of field, that supply subsidies to contribute with the reflection and the importance of the subject in question. Today the importance of the dialogue, the motivation for the pupil is known, and of as the lessons must be dynamic, feeding the capacity of participation for the formation of critical and conscientious pupils. The subject pupil of the action while the professor is formador, integrator, communicator, creative, collaborating, efficient, flexible, generating of knowledge, and compromised questionador, with the changes. This must be profile of the professor in its relation with the pupils.

Contacts Exhibition

Konigstein satire for posterity to the 30th anniversary of the magazine ‘Titanic’, the caricatura Museum Frankfurt opened the exhibition on the major work of German satirical culture on October 3, 2009. To make available electronically all spending visitors, whose digitization at the DatScan was given computer systems from Konigstein in order. At Mikkel Svane you will find additional information. In addition to the exposure of selected original graphics and drawings as well as multimedia presentations this offer was also actively used by now 14,000 visitors the exhibition, said the head of the caricatura Museum, Achim Frenz. Since early October 2009, the complete inventory of the ‘titanic’ to view and search digital available are the publishers and visitors of the exhibition. Because only a few copies, there were some issues, a particularly gentle treatment of this important certificate of German satirical work was necessary when scanning. Specially designed scanning and image optimisation processes provided for optimal presentation of all sides not only in the Terms of brightness, color and contrast, but especially on the centering. Finally, nothing is disturbing to poorly adjusted pages again and again as with electronic browsing a scanned Edition. The individual booklets were delivered not only as a facsimile-based PDF with this behind it searchable full text, but prepares a special application for touch screen presentations.

So could the delivery without copies of, but at the same time on five research centres provides fast access to all folders. The exhibition ends on the 31st of January 2010 DatScan computer systems GmbH with headquarters in Konigstein IM Taunus has been with her more than 15 years of experience specializing OCR solutions and PresseClipping systems. Scan & OCR services are the focus of activities in addition to the implementation of software projects.