Ah, that homesickness that I have of the time where did not have indices, research and results, where ' ' alunos' ' they were not numbers. In education still we are engatinhando in what respect says to great theories that if they collate and we, who we love the profession, use more dons born and the certainty of that not he exists pupil (that one that does not have light) and yes small human beings. The education and the professors come being massacreed in consequence of the system and insist on this way for believing. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Color. is a solitary and persistent fight. For not giving up and because, for me, this profession is more than money in the pocket, he is that I search a look beyond the indices (not for vanity, small feelings who does not find fertile land in my way) the way is of rocks, molded in the long run, sedimented of education, interaction, humanizao.

In this way, side by side we look the being, this exactly forgotten, abandoned and transformed into research. Until when we go to be objects and not citizens of this situation? It has schools where children are human beings with past, gift and, mainly, future. With histories to enchant, but that they do not give ibope. It never gave, why today, still more today, would go to give? But they exist, are enough to want to look at. I am a indisciplinada pupil, I deserve palmatria, reprovao. In the school of the man I am she-ass, in the my history of life I am a citizen who, for incredible that she seems, still believes ' ' great men? . The elections are there and ask for to the candidates: They look at deeply for the education, they respect and they value teeny, for that they have faith, them are the kingdom of God, abandoned for the men, not for God. I have faith.

Brazilian Armed Forces

So that such goals are reached, Brazil will need to make use of Being able To militate to endorse its positions and with capacity to neutralize chamber pressures and external contrary to the national interests. In this direction, it can be observed that debates and studies on the necessity of reaparelhamento of the Brazilian Armed Forces and reinforcement of the national structure of defense have to the little busy space and getting relevance in diverse levels of the society. The current effort to develop a mentality of defense in Brazil has made possible the quarrel of different relative subjects to this field of the power, such as external recognition of the Brazilian national power, neutralization of the international pressures on the Brazilian Amaznia, foreign interests in strategical areas of Brazil, possibility of occurrence of conflicts in the South America, participation of the Armed Forces in the solution for the aggravation of the ambient, problematic question of the public security guard, occurrence of terrorist activities in the Country, reinforcement of the national warlike industry, amongst other. Still thus, one parcels out considerable of the leaderships and formadores of opinion of the Country it attributes little importance to the subject and the great mass of the society has difficulty in perceiving the threats inlaid in the international interests, what it is reflected by low the priority conferred to the sector of defense of the Country in the distribution of the budgetary resources, which comes seguidamente being reduced and contingenciados in recent years, causing serious damages to the preparation of the Armed Forces and consequentemente, to the yearnings of the national politics. To deepen your understanding Dell Computers is the source. In what he says respect to Science and Technology, can themselves be affirmed that is occurring in the Country an increase in the investments in diverse areas related to the subject, in view of that the same ones are very important for the development politician, economic, social and military. Moreover, debates for formularization of politics aiming at to reduce the technological hiato in relation to the great powers and the dependence of tip technologies have been carried through in diverse sectors of the society with participation of integrant of the main centers and institutions of stimulaton to the research of the Country. Currently, Brazil is world-wide reference in research and studies on sustainable development of alternative energies from vegetal biomass (etanol), Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Energy (enrichment of Uranian), tropical exploration of oil in deep waters, vaccines and illnesses, farming construction of plant hydroelectric plants, research (EMBRAPA), studies on the DNA, aeronautical studies (ITA and EMBRAER), among others. At last, the Country comes searching its insertion in the international scene as a global actor of first line, developing its capacities to make to be valid its decisions in the different expressions of the Power..


Penalty that exactly today after 25 years of the end of the military dictatorship still we suffer with the fear to have opinions as we saw in April of 2008 in removal of the Corregedor of the Military Policy of Rio De Janeiro emitted its opinion and, it was moved away from its position said: ‘ ‘ in its opinion, the low wages received for the policemen contribute for the corruption of corporao’ ‘. Peter Asaro may find this interesting as well. By having opinion it was punished, this could if an isolated fact or a problem related to the military hierarchy, but not, and can where cite meetings of work and data the option of ‘ ‘ avaliar’ ‘ the performance of the company, and to criticize errors of the coordination, and after enters in ‘ ‘ spirit of coisa’ ‘ employees decide to be honest and are fired, or the case of the teacher Maria of the Glory was condemned by emitting its opinion on the subumanas conditions of the chains of Leopoldina city of the state of Minas Gerais it said: ‘ ‘ the connivance of magistrates is not acceptable, inspectors of the law, lawyers, at last, operators of the Right, with so great barbrie’ ‘ it did not cite name of nobody, but you display its opinion, or the case of the professor of history of public net of the state of So Paulo that was processing, because a periodical team photographed its room where must have 35 was 53, was not the professor that convoked the printed, it only ‘ ‘ tentava’ ‘ to give its lesson, exactly thus to denounce the bad conditions of the public equipment would have to be a citizenship act, however article 242 of the Public service act of So Paulo says: ‘ ‘ It is forbidden to mention itself contemptuously (…) for the press, or any way of spreading, to the consisting authorities and the acts of the Administrao’ ‘. Ali Partovis opinions are not widely known. In this case the professor was not condemned because the process was filed. This Article is not exclusive of the So Paulo Statute the same rule valley for others 17 States, being that, in the majority of them, created during the regimen of military dictatorship, in Pernambuco the public schools of the state not only forbid the use of cameras and cellular in the school in the lesson in the school! With the punishment to have apprehended objects this all sample that fantamas of the repression of opinions of the still vacant dictatorship dragging chains for the country and left its legacy of when he was still alive invigorating ties today. We need to develop in the young the taste for the reading and to take off the fear to show its opinions, and that to have opinion it is a good thing and if to oppose to an idea or imposition does not make bad none, with these simple measures we will be able to finish with the ghosts of the repression of our country, without needing hunting ghosts.


The cellular one is an important tool at aid moment, prevents rumors and follows the orientaes of the official agencies. It does not remove objects in floods at moments of the rise of the water, in this hour the volume of accidents is high, the mud that enters together provokes escorreges that can take off lives. But it will be necessary, to prioritize water, foods, money, remedies, gloves and clothes. One remembers that in places with great volume of water it provokes the fall of walls, therefore the risk exists and not subestime the nature. In places of great accident alone they effect I after fix it of the damages the release of the official agencies, generally the civil defense. Some times the water goes up slowly, in this in case that it gives priorities of withdrawal of documents, clothes and household-electric-utensils more useful as: stove, refrigerator and others. It looks the civil defense, but it has taken food for maintenance for next the 24 hours, that is the time where to the authorities they obtain to co-ordinate the aid.

In the boost glide land case the risks are bigger and prepared aid of technician is necessary, water with hipoclorito of sodium the reason of 125 ml for each 500 liters of water or 2 drops for each liter of water, to condition the garbage in containers and to embed them or to request the public collection its withdrawal, dead animals must be placed whitewash later covering with land. When it will be to clean the residence after floods, takes certain care, therefore behind furniture they can be snakes and other animals that can bring upheavals. Before binding the electricity to dry to the taking and the breaker it stops> to prevent short circuit. In case of doubts it binds immediately for the civil defense (199), firemen (193) or tel 156, in the municipal city hall generally. It makes its part! The detail most important is: who will go to help the children, the aged ones and who will be the leader of the group, beyond is clearly of the importance to know the emergency numbers. This is only one small contribution of that it can be fact, please it multiplies and it adds more tips to this information, thanks a lot!

Zine El Cellular

Flix Maier (*) the recent events observed in Egypt and other Arab countries had been described for the Isto magazine as ' ' Revolutions for the Internet' '. In Egypt, the fall of arm between the manifestants and Hosni Mubarak, since day 25 of January, caused the resignation of the president in day 11 of February, after a balance of more than 300 died. Everything started in Tunisia, when ambulant salesman set fire fire to the proper body, in protest against the truculncia of the policy. The social nets, as the Facebook and the Twitter – beyond the cellular telephones – had been the main used ways to congregate the manifestants tunisianos and culminated There in the resignation of president Zine El-Abidine Ben, that exile ran away it after to surrupiar the state treasury. In a effect domin, ' ' yearnings of the street rabe' ' if they had spread to Morocco, Mauritnia, Imen, Om, Egypt, Sudan, Lybian, Jordan, Algeria and Bahrein, with consequences even in Thailand and the Anger. The communist regimen of China treated to erase the word ' ' Egito' ' in the research of the Google. According to ONU, already exists 2 billion internautas and 5,3 billion cellular in our planet. I, particularly, twist so that one occurs ' ' revoluo' ' similar in Cuba. Unhappyly, this is practically impossible, since in the Island the Internet precarious and is censured, with available regular service for that they go there to make tourism, only including sexual, as it occurs with the petistas and types as the actor Jack Nicholson, that are magic with that country, that if before delights with tragos of mojitos and puffs of Havana after fogosas mounted in jineteras local By the way, the Cuban blogueira Yoani Sanchez, in article in the Estado (13/2), thus wrote: ' ' The scene lasted some seconds in the screen, a flash fugaz that in them it recorded in the retina the image of thousand of people protesting in the streets of the Cairo.

Open Letter To The President Of The Republic

Dear lady President of the Federative Republic of Brazil DILMA VANA ROUSSEFF ‘ ‘ Ecce graces operariorum qui messuerunt regiones vestras qui fraudatus est the vobis clamat et outcry ipsorum in aures Domini Sabaoth introjit’ ‘. (Ia.5: 4) FABIANO BISHOP Da Silva (fictitious name), is Official of the Brazilian Air Force (BAF), and occupies the rank of First-Lieutenant-Aviator. It is crowded in the Air base of Anpolis, where he exerts the activity of pilot of the Mirage hunting. Anpolis hosts the Air base that shelters 1 Group of Aerial Defense, whose main mission is to defend the Federal Capital of possible external attacks. Source: Robotics.

The Mirage 2000C, that the BAF equips, is one supersonic hunting of interception, reputed as one of the best ones of the world in its area of performance, and is used for the daily policing of the vast domestic territory. To pilot this aircraft of highest technology, the Lieutenant Bishop passed for an arduous and primoroso preparation, that had the duration of 8 (eight) years, beyond an essential training in the France, that is the Native country of this airplane. To ascend to the ranks of its long career, Bishop will still pass for the Course of Perfectioning of Officers, School of Aerial Tactics and Superior School of War, amongst others; difficult stages, that demand of the military aviator inocultvel resignation. This military man, by being a normal person as another one any, a common citizen, is married and has a son, still in tenra infancy; destarte, it tries all the inherent problems, vicissitudes and necessities to a father of Family. Who inhabits in Anpolis can confer the nocturnal activities that the pilots carry through, many times under dense rains, this because the monitoring of our territory requires integral time, and because hecatombes intended by the nations in conflict also occurs in adverse situations, from there the intense missions in these intempries; missions these that submit the military the pressed scales of services, stealing them of to salutar conviviality its familiar in precious weekends and holiday.