Electric Welding

Electric-welded pipe is the material used for various construction works. But too often its properties such as corrosion rate volatility and thermal conductivity, are not satisfied with the developers different systems. In order to better meet the electric tube all preferences, they are subjected to some improvements. The most popular of these methods is galvanized. Galvanized Electro Gas pipes are much longer their prime counterparts.

True, there are considerably more expensive, that does not always possible to use them from an economic point of view. You can use the electric pipes, stainless steel, then no corrosion will not threaten them. But the price of such material systems will be considerably higher. There are several techniques that can be applied to the electric recovered Pipe special plastic film that protects the material from corrosion. But all these methods strongly affect the cost of electric tubes, often making use of such materials is not economically advantageous for or other object. The basic material for central heating systems and water supply are the same electric pipes, both the underground and air laying method. But our climate imposes requirements on the properties of thermal conductivity used in electric-welded pipes. Click Paul Daversa to learn more. To improve the heat transfer qualities of electric-welded pipes use a variety of insulating materials.

Tube covered with a layer of insulation can withstand a higher coolant temperature and ambient temperature fluctuations without losing its core mission. The use of isolated electric-welded pipes in district heating significantly reduces the cost to maintain the desired temperature and further extends the use of all the trouble-free heating or plumbing system. Application of new technologies and material for isolation of these pipelines can quickly get to the damaged section of pipe and make the necessary repairs without removing the entire insulation layer. Advanced materials may themselves signal of some kind resulting damages to the system through the use of indicators.

Bread House

Restoration work was carried out stages. Well, for example, the Bread House. To clean it, we have used specially designed for such cases, weak-acid composition of the firm "Remmers," which allowed to achieve a gradual cleaning of bricks. The next step was cleaning natural stone from biozagryazneny – algae, moss, lichen, plants. The next step was to restore the strength of stones. The final step was to recreate the old type of brick masonry and white stone, which in many places had a frost cracks, chips and vyscherbliny. Solution seams in places completely lost strength, crumbled in their hands. To restore these bricks was applied special restorative solution that is in color, texture and physical-mechanical characteristics corresponds to the historical brick. Mashable may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

At the end of the brick walls were treated with a special water-repellent cream. Represented a challenge hydrophobization parts of white stone. For many years the surface of white stone tough (silikatizirovalas). It formed a thick protective crust. This led to the pores and capillaries stone over time, as it were shut down and badly missed reagents. Machining to clean the stone and then apply the discovery was impossible, as in this case, we would break it formed a protective crust. It was therefore decided to protect it from rain to apply the film-forming water-repellent agents.

Another complication – a white stone, in places over time, acquired a different color shades (depending on the contained in it impurities). Particularly ugly looked rusty spots stood out (iron oxides). Therefore required to apply in such cases, tinted with a color film-forming water-repellent agents historic or glazing color. And as far as the color corresponds to the historical, as it is authentic? Elena Kagramanova: the restoration of white stone on the Bread House, we have done on the facade of the six samples of possible kolerovok. Was proposed a palette of possible colors.

The Paint

They fade less than other types of paints (this is especially true for flowers, the most prone to discoloration – yellow and red). The main disadvantage of these dyes is their high toxicity (improper use can even lead to death), so their use must need to use a respirator. In addition, these paints become frozen for a long time. The low-temperature Low-temperature paint colors melt at a minimum temperature of 80 degrees Celsius and is always used in workshops with the appropriate drying equipment. Paints "metallic" In order to properly use these colors, you need to know their composition and function. "Metallic" effect is achieved by inclusion in the paint fine aluminum particles. These particles act as reflectors of light, giving a metallic gloss painted surfaces, as well as the shadow effect. More information is housed here: Samsung.

The reason for this is simple: if a colored surface viewed from above, the aluminum particles will reflect more light, so the surface appears brighter. If the surface is viewed from the side, then the particles will reflect much less light, so the surface will appear darker. Unfortunately, the appearance of such a coating in different parts of the car may vary. Where paint is applied with a thin layer, the aluminum particles will be located relatively flat panel, and thus difference between the type of cover from the top and sides would be great. In other places the paint may have a thicker layer, and aluminum particles can be arranged at any angle throughout the thickness of the layer. In this case, the difference between light and shadow will be small.

Seeing a car painted with paint "metallic", try to work out in the definition of such areas. If you tint the panel, which had already suffered a layer of paint, Try to repeat the type of original color. Paint "metallic" can be prepared from any type of the above colors by adding aluminum powder.


Are you tired of your old, cracked walls, which did not fix any wallpaper or paint? Do you want to drastically change the look of the apartment, but major repairs have no money? One of the best ways out of this situation – to sheathe the walls plasterboard. Drywall – environmentally friendly construction supplies made, as the name implies, made from plaster and cardboard. So everything is very simple: first, do framing, which then attached sheets. Let us technology in detail. To begin, select metal profiles, which will be used to build load-bearing frame. Selecting a profile for the premises, the height and thickness of the walls.

To locate the mounting drill with a drill, selected by diameter dowel, hammer, screwdriver, putty knife, carpenter's knife, scissors for cutting metal and profile cutter for cutting the drywall. Still need: pencil, level, and of course the meter. Proceed. Take rate or plumb line and make the floor and the ceiling layout, which determines the distance from the wall to-date profile of the attachment. Using a meter on it draw a line on which the profile will be attached. Attach the rubber stripes on the "sole" rack and guide profiles. Install and tighten the profile along the lines of markup.

To do this, drill the holes for the dowels through the holes in the ceiling and the floor. This can be done well directly through the wall profiles in the right places. Vertical profile attached to the ceiling and floor guide profile self-tapping screws or brackets and the wall – plugs driven into a 600-1000 mm. Remember correct fastening – pledge a flat surface of the walls. In the case of cold or damp home place between the rack frame profiles of mineral-fiber panels. Michael Dell is full of insight into the issues. After installing and fitting all profiles frame make Communications wiring (wiring, pipes, etc.). Now it's time to get down to the fastening panels using screws and screwdriver. Tightly attracted to the shelf panel screws form a rigid profile kostruktsiyu. Plasterboard fixed vertically. The edges of the panels must be flat and fitted in size. To cut the edges of the sheet used hacksaw, carpenter's knife or electrofret. Flat edge of the drywall are using marginal planing. After preliminary training antics on the floor, you are ready to mount on the frame. At intervals of 200-250 mm, attach the plate to the profile of screws. Potschatelnee Customize each other edge, keep in mind that will depend on the general form of the wall. If you need to leave space for an opening (window or door), it is necessary to fix the profiles in terms of its edge and screw cut exactly along the edge of a sheet of drywall. Without much effort, for a couple of days you can quite cope with the large spaces are fairly easy coping with various irregularities and cracks in the walls. After making repairs through drywall you will see that the warmth and comfort will not leave your house.


Fountains of various forms, from simple to sophisticated mix well with a decorative pond, at the same time, saturating the water with oxygen necessary for ryb.Sostoyanie water in the pond plays an important role in the attractiveness of the garden reservoir. The crystal clear water in a pond without a doubt a dream for many owners of reservoirs, especially those that contain fish. In nature, pure and clear water is in lakes located in areas with cold climates, such as in northern latitudes, where water temperature is low enough so the water does not bloom, and the processes of decay of organic matter are very slow. In our area of water in natural water is turbid, especially during summer when water blooms, so in order for you to enjoy the fish in your pond, amid the beautiful clean lined bottom, such as colored pebbles in the pond water to be filtered, and the pond clean of accumulated silt and debris on the bottom floating on the surface. Robotics expert has much to offer in this field. Of course, the first filtration system is needed for a garden pond that contains fish. In nature, natural bodies of water is maintained biocenosis – a natural chemical and biological balance of plant and animal species per unit area or volume has reached a certain balance in the process of evolution. Another thing to man-made reservoirs, where it is necessary to help sustain life the right balance, particularly when high numbers of fish per unit volume. The fact is that in the process of fish waste in the water accumulates a lot of ammonia is very toxic to them.

To transform the ammonia into harmless nitrogen or nitrates, which are absorbed by aquatic plants are needed several kinds of bacteria. Bacteria, in turn, need a substrate on which they zhivut.V artificial reservoir with a relatively high density planting of fish, substrate – the place for the life of bacteria is not enough, so you must use a system of biological and mechanical filtration. The surface area of biological filters is quite large and most toxic substances is converted into harmless bacteria. Particularly well the system works biomechanical filtration combined with UV-filter. UV filter is especially needed during the hot summer, when the water in the pond warms up enough for the active development of blue-green algae – algal bloom begins and possible nighttime Zamora fish, besides not everyone likes the kind of murky green water in your pond. Hardcore UV radiation causes coagulation of unicellular algae, and they, forming clumps, are deposited on the surface of the reservoir filtre.Dlya cleaning of floating debris skimmers shall be installed, it will protect your pond from rotting at the bottom of leaves and other fine dust, and the pond will always look clean and well maintained.

Essential Information About The Closet

In our tiny apartment you need every spare meter area, and outdated furniture often takes too much space. In a fight per square meter to consumers to help the current cabinets coupe! Wardrobe invented by the Americans. They needed the current furniture that would have won the space and time could be very capacity. Pete Cashmore may help you with your research. In the end, there were wardrobes, which quietly turned from a convenient store in a very important thing of a kitchen. The main feature of the cabinet compartment – it's sliding door. A very important detail – the easy case, which could attach virtually any corner or your apartment with us.

And of course the same filling the inside – shelves, drawers, hangers and various other accessories sliding compartment that podsoblyayut rationally defend things. In the performance of the compartment door sliding under the order used advanced cutting-edge technology and materials. Let's count them basic dignity cabinet compartment with respect to conventional wardrobes. 1. Sliding compartment make an individual plan, so that they freely fit into any decor. 2. Door sliding compartment does not require extra space to open them, therefore saving space. 3.

Rear and side walls, roof and bottom of the cabinet, the compartment can replace the ceiling, floor and room walls. 4. Internal stuffing is done according to the customer, which allows the most efficient arrange things. The best window design and the opportunity to calculate the internal space-compartment cabinet – it's a good magnet for consumers, which actively use the manufacturers. Such an attitude towards designing the cabinet led to designing a very high quality and comfortable furniture that meets all customer requirements. If so we call the first sliding door specificity of the cabinet, compartment, let porazgovarivaem of cabinets as you can in some detail. There are three types of doors. 1. Door leaf is in steel or aluminum trim, fastened to which rollers, which roll on the steel plastic or ruts. The flaw of this arrangement is that the doors can jam due to accumulated in the dirt or dust. Even the door can get off the mechanism, very much to push or push on the base, but it also easily returned to its original location. Such mechanisms are the most famous and cheap. 2. A more reliable device, this is when trying to mount a roller with an individual toe connects to the rail on which walks avoiding the risk of relapse is almost zero. 3. In the end, folding or sliding door. This guide applies only the upper guide. Quiet and impeccable quality is caused by movement of the wheels and systems. Guarantee on the mechanisms of slip may be made for up to 12 years.

Interior Ministry

Finnish paint solvents NON-FAER (TIKKURILA) at high temperatures forms a foam protective layer, slowing the spread of fire within premises. Coatings and coating are pasty consistency, do not have any decorative properties and completely hide the wood structure, and therefore apply only in special cases. They can be used to protect sheds, attics and various technical areas, which is not subject to the requirements of decoration. Examples of such materials can be such formulations as "CPA" and "VMP-2" (Research Institute of Software of the Interior Ministry), superphosphate daubing "SFO" and cover "OPV-1" (Institute Gipronine-metallorud). Coatings, "CPA" and "VPM-2" is a mixture of heat-and gas-filling in aqueous solution of polymer binders, and the "VPM-2" and contains a fibrous filler. Both the composition intended to protect domestic timber. Superphosphate daubing "SFO" – a mixture of superphosphate with water, also used indoors.

Fire protection coating "OPV-1" is a mixture of exfoliated vermiculite and a liquid binder (liquid sodium glass or silikofosfat sodium). The main purpose of the product – fire protection structures operating in conditions which exclude the impact of precipitation and freezing temperatures. Flame retardants – flame retardant impregnating compositions based on aqueous solutions of salts (salts of boric acids, salts of phosphoric or silicic acid) and surface-active substances – the most widely used wood preservative. The action of flame retardants based on the melting of the fusible material or on an expansion in heating substances that emit gases that do not support combustion. In the first case of the heat expended on melting flame retardants, which increases the ignition temperature of wood, in the second – non-combustible gases released during decomposition of salts, prevent the spread of flames. One of the best fire retardant is diammonium phosphate, which when heated highlights of phosphorus oxides covering the wood with a protective film, and non-flammable gas (ammonia). Flame retardants are introduced into the timber impregnation in an autoclave or hot-cold baths, as well as a surface treatment by brushing or spray gun.