Nourishing Night Cream

Suitable for all its types, including sensitive and oily, prone to inflammation. Green Light Adjusts the balance. It has an effect already at 3-5 mm that is, the upper and middle layers of the skin – the epidermis and dermis. The lower layer gets only 5% of the radiation, since the green light is necessary to change the processes of cellular respiration in the tissues. Ali Partovi may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It also reduces the swelling of the face, accelerates microcirculation.

The therapeutic effect is associated with normalization of excitation and inhibition in the skin. Credit: Samsung-2011. Suitable for combination skin. The red light brings good cheer. It penetrates the skin to a depth of 8-10 mm. It is necessary to improve blood circulation and recovery of collagen with a warming effect, to enhance tissue regeneration, relieve muscle spasms. All this leads to a reduction of wrinkles, and skin becomes more elastic and smooth. Suitable for all skin types. The result of the simultaneous use of sound and light waves Kliatona noticeable after the first procedure: the intensity of blood circulation, increases oxygen supply to cells skin, treat acne and acne, improves the complexion.

Be sure to tightly contact with the radiator skin. Kliaton not be used without a conductive means, ie without active liposomal gel cosmetic set from DeSheli, developed specifically for the hardware procedure. In a series of Crystal youth pro age for young girls under 35 years of device activates the properties of cosmetic products, as and Active liposomal gel, which are applied in order.

Bodily Functions

Their transformations, which are spatiotemporal in nature, occur constantly in the range of acceptable temperatures and biologically discrete decomposition of water potentials: -0.4, -0.1, 0.19, 0.49, 0.78 V (at pH 7, 5). That is why the primary functional abnormalities in the body are due, above all, change the properties of biological fluids. This is due to electrical disturbances, ie ability of water molecules to mediate the transfer of electrons in redox reactions. The most widely represented in biological systems, free radicals formed as intermediates and by-products recovery of molecules oxygen. Among them, the vast majority has a very short period of existence.

After its emergence may be a molecular transformation (or split regroup). Initiated free radical processes have a number of important and useful to the body functions (phagocytosis, spermatogenesis, regulation of membrane permeability, the maintenance of homeostasis, the proliferation of immune cells, etc.). But excess production of free radicals leads to oxidative damage to cellular macromolecules. Their systematic accumulation causes the development of a number of pathological processes (cancer, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, immunosuppression, neurodegenerative diseases, cataracts). It should be noted that the intensity increase oxidative damage depends on the ratio of velocities the formation and neutralization of free radicals, ie, of the usefulness of antioxidant defenses. Such protection is carried out by enzymes and non-enzymatic compounds that affect the intracellular and extracellular education. Antioxidants – "cleaners" free radicals, normalize the transfer of information from extracellular to intracellular regulators effector systems to optimize the "protein-lipid" interaction. Intensification of reactive oxygen species (ROS) contributes to the destruction of cell walls and membranes of microorganisms, makes them easier to digest than the phagocytic cells.

Cellulite Massage

Cellulite massage helps to eliminate the phenomenon of cellulite in women. A special technique aimed at increasing blood circulation and metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer. Massage is recommended to do with the special oil, daily or every other day, the rate of 10 sessions. At present, it seems everybody knows what cellulite, and the fact that almost every woman has it. It is very important to understand that cellulite is a syndrome, a set of symptoms resulting from a combination of several factors influence which ultimately lead to the formation of hillocks and dimples on thighs and buttocks. So to eliminate these deviations requires a systems approach evaluation of the functioning of the whole organism. Cellulite – misbalanced disease organism, ie organism in which the lost natural harmony.

One of the key factors contributing to the formation of cellulite an unhealthy diet, particularly excess of indigestible salts in food. Recommended to reduce the excessive consumption of salt, refined sugar and products made from wheat flour, starch. According to scientists at Based on recent research in this area, cellulite is primarily formed from the accumulation in the tissues of indigestible fats and salts in the interstitial fluid. One way of preventing and treating cellulite is the practice of drinking clean water (preferably spring water), at least 2 liters a day, feelings, and preferably before meals. Liquid in soups, tea, juices, does not provide a sufficient effect of this process. Important it is pure natural spring water. The essence of this method is simple, filling the body with the natural water balance, water quality, and constant updating it, the body of excess salt is washed off, who settled in the intercellular fluid, and as a consequence led to the formation of specific fatty education, such as cellulitis.

The practice of healthy eating and drinking clean water, in combination with anti-cellulite massage, can provide truly amazing results. Remember. Improve your body of cellulite, and correcting the reasons you at a later time return to the same problems. Comply with an active and healthy lifestyle is the best prevention of many diseases, including and cellulite.

Around Fields

Complex manifestations of will and faith. Mashable is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Around Fields of Consciousness is the sphere radius of one meter, which is the personal sphere, in which consciousness is formed by physical telo.Oblast volume covers the body like armor. Around the meter sphere is a sphere with radius of five meters, in which the interaction with the outside of the inner world. The soul receives and emits a powerful center. All information is projected from a point Archiving Soul (which has its structure) to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland in the thyroid gland projects on cellular structure, organs, body systems, and information structure of the body.

For the information structure of the body are energy-information points along the spinal system Sephiroth, which creates the image of man, and the sphere of personal interaction with the personality of God the Father structures that represent the true consciousness, the Soul, the Holy Spirit – The scope of Christ, God Ra Scope, Scope of the Holy Spirit of Elijah. Sphere located near the head, left, right, at zatylka.Golova fall within the scope of personal consciousness a radius of 25 cm Everything that is in the soul, reflected and manifested in the structure of consciousness. The scope is within a five-meter Cuba Times, which keeps the space of personal existence of human consciousness. Meter and five-meter sphere form a set area of Information-SDI, management structure, external events, interaction outer and inner worlds, process management organizma.Na upper pole five-meter sphere is the Assemblage Point. For information on control through ITNs can be found in the authors' recommended reading 'on the' LIGHT SOUL.

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

"Cellulite" – a terrible word, is not it? Many women of the same name are ready to panic. Although it would seem to be afraid, modern television offers thousands of creams, serums and gels from cellulite. It's a pity only that it does not help, and can not help. But what helps? I have two news good and bad: good – get rid of orange peel can be, bad – but it's hard. According to Peter Asaro, who has experience with these questions. First of all, let's see what cellulitis. It is a condition in which fat is trapped in the body parts like thighs, legs and hands.

Tissue collagen in these areas have a form of "honeycomb" and not overlap, as in other parts of the body. These cellular tissue filled with body fat, filled with toxins that are pushing the skin up and out (ie, stretch). It is the structure of fat in problem areas contributes to the formation of orange peel. So, what to do? First of all, for God's sake forget about the cream, gels and serums. The main function of our skin – protective, and even super – duper cream does not leak to the adipose tissue. Our skin evolved millennia, and not one anti-cellulite gel or serum is not so much. There are three pillars on which the dies cellulite.

A whale. Proper nutrition. Try to eliminate from your diet foods that contribute to abnormal deposition of fat and subcutaneous fat layer makes uneven: Roast potatoes, french fries, pork, sweet and flour in large quantities; Bananas – they should not eat a lot – these fruits contribute to water retention in the body; Margarine; Do not start a diet, on the principle of "less eaten, the more thin." Quickly thrown the weight just as quickly restored.

Bitter Melon

The therapeutic effect is evident even when you add cinnamon to the tea, it is useful not only for diabetics, but also those who have hidden problems with blood sugar. The active component of cinnamon was water-soluble polyphenol MNSR. In laboratory experiments, this substance has shown the ability to mimic insulin, activate perceives its receptor in the cells and work on an equal footing with insulin. Tests for people have shown the ability of one, three, six grams of cinnamon to lower blood sugar levels by 20% or more. In addition, it was found that cinnamon lowers blood fats and "bad cholesterol", and neutralizes free radicals. 2. Other leaders such as Peter Asaro offer similar insights.

Bitter melon (BITTER MELON) Bitter melon grows in tropical areas, including areas in the Amazon basin, in eastern Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. In addition, it has been cultivated in South America, in particular for the production medications. It was used by more than 5000 years in China. Bitter melon is used in medicine for the treatment of tumors, trauma, inflammation, malaria, severe problems with menstruation, as an antiviral agent for hepatitis B and measles, for flatulence and as anthelminthic … For decades, the fruits of bitter melon is used as an effective means to enhance cellular uptake of glucose, which is especially important to normalize blood sugar levels.

Bitter melon lowers blood triglycerides (triglyceride (TG) or neutral fats – are derivatives of glycerol and fatty acids. Triglycerides – the main source of energy for cells. Triglycerides come into our body through food, are synthesized in adipose tissue, liver and intestines.

Repair Service For Smartphones

The correct handling with a defective phone trend for the benefit of a portable high-tech device is increasing for years. Pioneer was the iPhone, that was an evolution in terms of modernity and ease of use. The Smartphone per se finds its way into the everyday life of the people for more than 5 years now. Possibilities arose by the huge touchscreen and modern technology. One was the development of the Internet, Web 2.0. It communicates its state of mind via Twitter and co. and is into Facebook and YouTube the music that you like and just heard – of course everything on the way to work or school. The Smartphone is in the pocket or purse and every one is always connected to the world.

It is quickly removed and then the accident happens: it ends up on the street with the face first. A huge crack distorts the glass and makes the last update as a mosaic. Are fast then via laptop or tablet, that it carries around in the Pocket and also to mobile Internet use are capable of repair services found. But these everyday devices are simply exchanged not like the shirt, or better the tights. You need to find a good repair service so who not only high-quality works, but which is also affordable. Should be introduced simply and clearly define what will be offered one. Often seen there, that it will be fixed fast and cheap, but you don’t know as a consumer, what was actually made or used and there is no guarantee if it 3 minutes after leaving the store will not work again. So it may happen that later a water damage during transport in the Pocket is caused by incorrect insertion of the touch screen with the highly sensitive device then money has been paid in the worst case, to throw the Smartphone in the garbage! Therefore you should check before repairing his expensive and highly sensitive equipment, respects what services on the standards.