The Brazilian Army

Still it allows the reduction of the volume of the supplies, facilitating the control of the validity of produtos9. The SRP implies change of organizacional culture and this generates resistance of the sectors to the implantation of the same, under two arguments. The first one of them, the fact of that the competition is a modality of very complex licitation. As it is the necessity of staff for table update and accomplishment of research of preos9. The approval of Law 10,520/02, that it started to admit the use of the proclamation in licitations for SRP, solved the problem of the complexity of the competition and sped the form process to become the systematics of the SRP much more interessante16.

The necessary human resources to the new procedures of the SRP and the time expense in the execution of its tasks are very inferior to the expended one for the conventional licitations. In such a way, the staff could be remanejado of function to take care of to the peculiarities of the SRP13. A study of case for the evidence would fit accomplishes of these advantages or disadvantages, comparing itself the prices gotten in gotten common licitations and in licitations for SRP, adopting as the parameter seemed amounts, so that the scale profit does not intervene with the analysis. The experience of the SRP in the acquisition centered for the Brazilian Army can be proven in innumerable examples, of which it is distinguished, the acquisition of fuels for the Logistic Command, in virtue of its importance for the institution. They exist colon main: the first one is the necessity or not of the centered acquisition of fuel; as is if this centered acquisition is more economic or not. As number 30 consists in the act, of the Court of Accounts of Union – TCU (2003, p: 167-171), one below justifies the acquisitions centered in the cases: The Brazilian Army needs a Strategical Fuel Reserve, supported in a system of storage and distribution that allows it to dislocate, with chance, for any point of the domestic territory, where comprometimento occurs of the internal or external security, or still to fulfill missions of support, duly authorized, to the state and/or municipal governments, in extraordinary situations. The structure of Suppliment Logistic Support of Combustv

Mobile Phone Book Readers

How to read a book on a mobile phone? Do you think this question is asked only of botany in the glasses? Maybe so, but … It is not necessary to read War and Peace, Tolstoy or Dostoevsky Idiot, you can distribute the back of anecdotes, jokes. Sinovation Ventures has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the file, five thousand jokes and you soul kompanii.Ili SDA, you ostonovili Gibbon, babble headings Mercator you broke, and you got a mobile phone, and checked silk, you can distribute the Spurs, once in ten years. That is what unsettled and programs to read books on your mobile phone or bend to mobilnika.Vot a program for reading books on the phone TCBR Shell, program for reading books on the phone TCBR Shell, shell or shell is preparing a book to read books on her phone features: 1. Books can be divided into chapters of your choice, or to limit the size of the head. 2. Supported phones from different manufacturers (Nokia, Siemens, etc.) 3. You choose a font to read the fonts installed in Windows (so far only fixed width fonts such as Courier, then will support all the fonts) 4. You can select a background color and character, the most comfortable for reading on your phone.

5. You can set different options not available from the menu of the book reader-and that is installed in the phone. 6. If the file is complete for your chosen version of the MIDlet, you can Russify midlet. This makes sense only if your phone supports Russian font, so this opportunity is made to disable. How to use ? 1.

Use the plus add one or more files List 2. Use the minus remove files, if changed their minds 3. Rename them as you like – including Russian. 4. Choose the appropriate version of the midlet on your phone model 5. Exhibiting options MIDlet and max. dimensions, if necessary (see below) The ‘Increase the height of the screen’ only applies to Motorola and Samsung. It allows you to display text on the screen, including the bottom line. 6. Choose the text color and font. You can choose to “use the font phone “to save space for additional text, if your phone memory is limited (see below). 7. Enter the name of the book below. This name is used the telephone to distinguish one book from another. Therefore, Please use only letters and numbers underscore. 8. Select the directory where the files will be created with the books, click on the button …. Later you can open it by clicking on the highlighted route, so that For example, download books to your phone. The program will create one or more files with the JAD and JAD, depending on the options selected and the size of the text. JAD files – are short text files that describe the Java-based applications (MIDlets). Some phones require them to install the MIDlet, some phones do without them. JAR file – this is actually Java-based applications. Each generated by this program JAR file contains one copy of the MIDlet-TequilCat BookReader and head text of the selected books. Then you set these JAD and JAR files (depending on your phone model) to your phone and enjoy reading. How do I do? Refer to the instructions on the phone or online – there are all information.

GPRS System

The Kami WebMonitor is an Internet portal that allows maintenance companies and operators, online TV to monitor sewage treatment plants – no matter where you are. The Kami WebMonitor takes over the legally prescribed daily checks and automatically saves the data of the sewage treatment plant once in a month. Thus, the operator is freed from its monitoring obligations. The Kami WebMonitor takes over this task for him, by he daily calls to the system to check the operational state. In the event of a fault on the system, the Kami WebMonitor reports the fault message to the addresses stored in the system immediately – via SMS or email. Pete Cashmore understood the implications. The partner may affect promptly actively in the next step the system.

Errors can be reset and changed settings. Eliminating travel time and costs, and the operator is helped directly and quickly. All events are automatically stored in the KLARO WebMonitor and provided for download. The remote maintenance runs either on mobile or Internet connection. The LAN adapter need for the Internet connection is connected between the control and the router.

A modem with an M2M card is used at the cellular connection through the GSM network. Kami dominated the CSD, as well as the GPRS transmission technology. The wastewater treatment system is queried every day and she register of all alone when something’s not right. Advantages for operators relief from the daily and monthly remote automatic operation accounting control of operating function over the Internet by experts monitoring in the absence of monitoring of outdoor advantages for Kami partner monitoring and fault management can be offered as a service overview of all investments in the own portfolio (table and map) continuous automatic remote monitoring of plants shipping by email or SMS in the event of direct access to the data in the system (GSM, LAN) operation the remote control automatic monthly data


Life today requires always try to prevent the greatest amount of possible risks, as does not have control of all eventualities that may arise it is best to have a medium as those bad situations not take people totally unsuspecting, also if you do something to make that such situations are not so difficult to cope withleaving the poor state in which can subsume such situations very surely will be a very difficult task of much effort and sacrifice. So the medium that would help make the disastrous events is not so harmful, is to obtain insurance for those elements that are considered of greater propensity to an accident or anything that is considered of great importance. But to choose an insurance should not opt for any option, because not all entities are serious in their work which is too harmful and some exaggerate their prices, therefore you should well study the situation with regard to insurance and entities that provide these services. According to the above a good entity responsible, reliable and allows access to comfortable insurance of high quality in its work, is caser seguros, which has insurance experience in Spain for more than 60 years providing security with their products, in addition to case insurance always goes in search of technological innovation with the idea of offering its clients the best conditions to offer always the best in their servicesIn addition to all the communication channels such as telephone, cellular, Internet so that customers can be contacted in a manner more easily and effectively with safe caser, as attache to the large amount that has caser insurance by electronic means, also has more than 16,000 offices willing to address all the concerns and needs of users. Among the services most outstanding caser insurance can find life insurance, product of caser insurance consisting in providing customer family a significant aid in the possible absence of the client’s insurance making so the future and well-being of the family at least in regards to aspects economic, where safe caser available capital in the event of death or total disability by the occurrence of any cause or double the capital when generating any of the mentioned results but by cause of accident. Another of the excellent services that proposes caser insurance is insurance home, where safe caser has full insurance with excellent coverage and the characteristic of caser insurance the best combination of quality and price, to provide assistance 24 hours, in terms of theft inside and outside of the area of the House, damage in crystals or other similar elementsany damage that you generate based on water leakage or faults, caser insurance also protects against damage that neighbors generate, caser insurance also offers repair in the event of any sinistro. These are some of the products from caser insurance, but there are also other great quality just like those mentioned above, as well between other services featuring caser seguros caser are health, safe auto, safe caser motorcycles, all with a wide rate of protection with the idea of always offering the best from caser insurance.

Agrarian – Down-to-Earth Economy

Agrarian – down-to-Earth economies in times of crisis the turbulent development of capital markets in the course of the euro, financial and debt crisis has significantly reined return appetite of investors, leaving security and monetary stability interests appear clearly in the foreground. Given a crucial role in improving the chance/risk structure of the portfolio is investment diversification. Here closed agrarian as a cause-oriented and sustainable investment vehicle is offered as an attractive alternative. Participation in the agricultural value chain has perspective. The steady and rapid growth of the world’s population, as well as the rapidly changing eating habits of the emerging markets to high-protein food will significantly change the structure of demand and demand quantity in the future. At the same time the potential cultivation or pasture land, which will be affected in ever greater extent of climate change, in increasing competition with increasing urbanization, environmental protection interests appear and not last of the rapidly rising demand for plantations for biofuels. Two fundamental implications result from this constellation. First the rising demand for simultaneous shrinkage of the manufacturing areas, must be through an increase in the revenue yield, so through more efficient management practices what can be achieved through the power of capital and the expertise of specialized fund initiators.

However, will a shortage of agricultural raw materials in the future be hardly avoidable, according to prices are likely to rise medium – and long-term and for agricultural funds provide this additional value creation and profit opportunities. Of course, agricultural funds like any business involvement are not entirely risk-free. It is political and legal risks, especially in non-European countries as well to keep in mind as the usual in the agricultural commodity market price fluctuations. The volatility is created mainly due to seasonal over or under production in consequence of the climatic influences, political intervention in the market mechanism, as well as speculation. It it is advisable instead to plan investments in agricultural funds as a long-term investment, to smooth market volatility throughout the duration of the system and to take advantage of the development opportunities. At the choice of the Fund should, however, necessarily care that is calculated with conservative revenue forecasts and no commodity price speculation be operated.

The General Manager advises Fund discount AAD, Dr. Jurgen Hilp in addition is, pay attention to the professional qualifications and the strength of the placement of the initiator”. About the AAD Fund discount GmbH and the AAD Fund discount blog AAD Fund discount GmbH is an independent fund placement firm based in the university town of Marburg. It offers investors the opportunity to acquire more than 9,000 mutual funds and virtually all closed-end funds at discount rates without subscription fee. In the AAD Fund discount blog blog.aad the General Manager Dr. Jurgen Hilp access current as well as basic Questions on the topics of closed-end funds and investment funds on and lit them in economic and legal terms. Contact Stefan Gobel reel 1 35037 Marburg Tel.: 06421-979-020 fax: 06421-933-570 blog.aad

Aikido Techniques

Execution of aikido techniques implies a clear and correct their performance. Aikido techniques is impossible to perform correctly without a knowledge of the principles of Aikido and the philosophy of aikido. The study of aikido starts with the most elementary aikido techniques. First, given all the basic techniques of aikido. And all the tricks are performed without insurance or even the top without falling.

At the initial stage of the study all options for grabs and elementary release from them. Then gradually moving to lower insurance and the development of understanding of aikido starts top rope. Aikido techniques are studied, not only those who perform them (nage), but also those who attack (uke). Both felt the technique of Aikido sometimes you can understand the technology or some nuance. Especially useful assist advanced students in the techniques or the coaches. Aikido techniques quite varied in content, filling and meaning. Master Aikido can perform the same technique with different goals – from the banal of control over the opponent before the injury. It all depends on the situation.

While in training all aikido techniques are performed gently, in a real situation, these techniques Aikido can be simply disposable. Aikido from Japan, so there are many paid to work with weapons and against it. Almost all of the masters of Aikido believe that aikido and weapons are inseparable. Hence, too, and a wide variety techniques from all sorts of grabs, which in normal life is unlikely someone will apply. Previously, attackers grabbing a man, that he did not have time to get weapons and use them. Are now increasingly trying to hit immediately. But and it is a lot of aikido techniques. Initially, all starting to comprehend this interesting martial arts are in constant tension, and so quickly tired in training. should be able to exert only when it is really necessary and urgent. Those who have mastered the capabilities of the organism and correctly uses the energy of your body may in a few hours to demonstrate the techniques of aikido at the time of another zone.