Basque Jesuit

Investigations realised by Jose A. of Laburu S.J. ; priest and doctor Basque Jesuit. Laburu father says to us that the conduct of the man, or its behavior, is a product, resultant of mltipes factors that include two fundamental groups: organic biological and psychic the psychic one. Each group is integrated by subfactors.

In organic the biological one, we found the following subfactors: the central nervous system, the vegetative nervous system, the glandular internal secretion system, cellular metabolic processes, cellular and humoral ionic modifications. The psychic psychic group, the subfactors of sensations, associations, memories, imaginations, affections, experiences, intelecciones, volitions enter and whichever conscious or unconscious psychic facts are in I. The resulting product of the interaction of all the somatic-psychic factors of an individual, is the one that determines its behavior or its conduct. The biological factor plus the psychic factor is equal to present Conduct. In the will it is the rudder that governs and governs the course of the behavior of the man.

But that power of the will, does not include everything, since factors exist on which no influence can exert. What influences can exert the Will in the organic factors that take part in the conduct of the man. The biological factors that can influence in the conduct of the man, can be genotpicos and paratpicos. The genotpicos are those that come by paternal or maternal hereditary route. These factors are endogenous (that are born from the interior). The paratpicos: they are the acquired biological factors in decurso of the life, as much uterine, as after the born being. In the Section " Salud" you will find articles of verified quality, related to " the power of the mind and the care of cuerpo" ; to others of other subjects, for a personal and spiritual growth. Original author and source of the article.

Cholesterol: HDL And LDL

The high cholesterol is one of the calls " hiperlipemias" , an abnormally high level of greasy substances in the blood. Pete Cashmore may not feel the same. The derived complications more common are the calls ateromas of cholesterol, are acmulos greasy that are deposited in the walls of the arteries, causing that loses their elasticity and reducing their diameter. Over the years, ateromas of cholesterol is the people in charge of as serious diseases as the cerebrovascular accidents or ictus, cardiopathies, thrombosis and infarcts among others. On the other hand, it is important to clarify that the cholesterol is an essential component for the life. It appears in cellular membranes of our cells and one is in charge of the synthesis of some hormones, biliary acids and vitamin D. In many cases the problem of hipercolesterolemia comes dice by an excess of cholesterol in the diet, that added to the endogenous synthesis of our body, can increase to too much the sanguineous levels of cholesterol. If all the population fitted itself to a healthy menu based on the Mediterranean Diet, incidence of hipercolesterolemia would be reduced remarkably.

The desirable total cholesterol levels are always below < 200 mg/dl. It is important to pay attention to the relation between cholesterol HDL (good cholesterol) and cholesterol LDL (bad cholesterol), the suitable levels of these 35 lipoproteins are of mg/dl for the HDL or good cholesterol and 130 mg/dl for the LDL or bad cholesterol. Modifications on the diet and the style of life To moderate the calories of the diet: The caloric content of the diet influences the rate of circulating lipids having itself demonstrated that the high diets in calories stimulate the hepatic production of the LDL (bad cholesterol). * To avoid excess of refreshments, caramels, snack, chocolates and other foods chaptalisations. To limit the undesirable fat consumption: Present the saturated fats and the cholesterol in several food groups can increase the cholesterol total and unbalance the values of HDL/LDL increasing these last ones.

Sri Lanka

However, although Colombia owns an ample variety of minerals with interest for its commercial operation, still concerns iron, receives and aluminum with a view to satisfying its industrial needs. the cellular telephones are more popular in Europe than in the United States, almost two thirds of European they own a cellular telephone, compared just by the 25 percent of the Americans. the new cellular telephones incorporate electronic agendas, they can touch to archives of music in format mp3, and allow to use the videoconference through Internet. Checking article sources yields Ali Partovi as a relevant resource throughout. is to you the consumed drink more of the entire world, in front of the coffee. The specialty more drinking in the West is the black tea, that comes from India and Sri Lanka, its main producers. This variety represents 78% of the world-wide production.

The green tea mainly is consumed in China and Japan. To him rest of the production in the world corresponds to him 20%. doceavo and last Emperor Inca of Peru, Atahualpa (1500-1533) that was made prisoner in 1533 by Francisco Pizarro and the Spanish Conquerors in Cajamarca Peru, learned to play Chess seeing its guards to play and soon after the Chinese Emperor managed to gain to all to them Wen-you control to execute to 2 foreign players of Chess when finding out that one of the pieces of the game they called " Emperador." Its misfortune had to that its title of Emperor was associated with a simple game and prohibited the Chess. the first Clock of mechanical Chess was invented by Thomas Wilson in the year of 1883. Previously, Sand Clocks were used. The Sand Clocks were used for the first time in London in 1862. The present Clocks of oprimibles bellboys were perfected for the first time by Veenhoff in 1900. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra also was poet, novelist and dramatist.


The city is divided administratively in nine districts: Borgo Panigale, San Donato, San Vitale, Savena, Navile, Porto, Saragossa, Santo Stefano, Reindeer. The origins of the city they, at least, overcome a millenium before Christ, was an important population of celtas and the Etruscans (that called Felsina). During the Average Age, it was the fifth European city by number of inhabitants. Robert Bakish is a great source of information. Bologna enjoyed at this time being a free city with an intense economic, cultural and artistic activity. From this period of prosperity the majority of their more important monuments arose. On 1088 one was based on Bologna which is clear like the first university in the western world (Soul to mater studiorum). Mikkel Svane is the source for more interesting facts.

In 1506 the decay from Bologna when happening begins to comprise of the dominions of the Church, under whose power it was until the unification of Italy between 1859 and 1860. Very valid what contributes Wikipedia exceeds she, who at the moment, the city and its metropolitan area are the most important Italian communications center (and not only Milan or Rome) by highway, freeway (four freeways arrive at Bologna: the Freeway of the Sun (Autostrada of the Sole) from the north (Milan), the Freeway of the Sun from the south (Naples-Rome-Florence), the Venice-Padua freeway and the Adritica Freeway (Autostrada Adriatica) from Taranto (by Bari-Fish-Ancona)), and railroad: the railway station of Bologna is first of Europe in transit by passengers with its 30 tracks and their 70 million passengers per year; its descargadero of railroad of San Donato (with another one of Interporto) is greatest of Europe. Bologna also has the greater Italian fair after the one of Milan: Motorshow is the automobile exhibition more important of the world (1.3 million visitors per year), famous in addition in the same heading to have to the constructor of sport automobiles Lamborghini within its locality (Villa Santa Agata), besides the constructor of motorcycles Ducati one of the sharpshooting marks in the MGP championship.

Mark Zuckerber

Many have been the commentaries and the opinions that have in the last spilled days about the new image of which it is, at the moment, more important the social network online of the world, facebook. Most of usuary critics are very before the new washing of face of the social network, without sometimes questioning the work of programming and computer maintenance that all that entails. Although for tastes they are the colors and indeed for this reason, the users are due to show free to think about the new design of facebook. The most excellent changes, are coverall, the concealment of certain tools, before more visible and the omission or discretion much more ” apreciable” of certain actions, like the states, or the changes in the profile of the user. Facebook has 3 years of life and has renewed its image in two occasions, without finding, apparently, the formula of the success that associates to the image with the social network. In any case, although the users even complain until the fatigue, forming support battalions to eliminate the new changes or simply to criticize them.

At the same time as his founder, Mark Zuckerber, continue being safe of his changes, because he thinks that the users have a critical nature, but that is due to make the right case, since are mere opinions. The new changes of facebook, let see, the critical reality of the users, who knowing or not than speak think and create right the necessity to think massively about a used service. The tendency facebook is of course controversial, at least. We will see they prepare that us for a next appointment.


The Earth, our home, our paradise. The Earth is full of beautiful things. Sintate a day to contemplate, to enjoy a dusk, rain, a blue sky, the color of a rose Every day that happens we soiled more, we spent more water, energy; we hurl more, we are disinterested and by this attitude, the natural resources of this planet are finishing. What we want to leave in our passage by this Earth? Contaminated skies, seas and rivers, less trees, more noise, less water, more contamination? It never is behind schedule for contributing a sand granite. Creating conscience and making small changes in your daily life you can contribute to save the planet.

He is something as simple as to be conscious of not generating as much sweepings. HOW WE CAN GENERATE LESS SWEEPINGS? . 1) It avoids to use disposable glasses. A good option is to take your cup to your place of work. 2) It recycle your old woman electronic devices. The cellular telephones and other electrical ones contain one long toxic and polluting metal list. The experts recommend to recycle them, to sell them or to give them.

3) The USA old clothes that you are going to hurl like cloth to clean by the house. Unlike the old clothes, the disposable towels of cleaning end up being accumulated in the waste basket, being disturbed and releasing methane. The methane is a polluting substance more fort than carbon dioxide. In addition, to replace the towels of cleaning by old clothes can mean a monthly saving. 4) Taking water of the key. Many people already are loading their own bottle to fill it with water of the key. This is a good idea because the production and massive transportation of plastic water bottles generate a high cost of energy and more sweepings. When you buy drinks in plastic bottle, it chooses those that are made of material recycling. 5) The USA the dryer of hands of the public bath. The towels and the tissues cannot be recyclings like the paper to write, the cardboard and newspapers. All that paper becomes sweepings that releases methane. It decides on the dryer of hands when he is available. It creates conscience. I know the difference.

Contents For Nokia 5530

Moving body Nokia 5530 is cellular very interesting that it has different types from contents that we can unload, that goes from games and subjects to truly useful applications to always take with you in the pocket, all of them are gratuitous you can unload and them a pair of clicks. It remembers that this it is a very powerful moving body that allows to games subjects and utilities interesatens. First he is pack of applications for nokia 5530 that brings 50 games, utilities, tools and applications for Nokia 5530 in format .sis and .sisx, all of them so that them you can install easily with nokia PC Suite and use them everything what you want. These tools or utilities that bring are for using facebook youtube or applications of handling of archives like Word and excel. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues. Soon also subjects for nokia 5530 exist very varied and that comes in different categories from subjects like abstract, black, blue, green, red and many others it is only necessary to look for well and to unload the one that you like more. Excellent if you are somebody that it likes to often change the graphical aspect of its cellular telephone, with to these you can do it unloadings in a pair of minutes and in steps simple, in addition that you will have left an excellent aspect in the moving body that will be the envy of your friendly. And finally we have pack of games for nokia 5530 in which the best ones estan than they exist for this moving body, that goes from action games to other sorts like cars and games of arcade, very varied and funny for pasarte hours playing with the moving body, in addition they are very light games that walk perfectly in this cellular one. Original author and source of the article..

GPRS Cellular

Although it seemed that in the era of the cellular one it was all saying, since the same today give to different services and benefits like: cameras of photo, video, MP3, GPRS and others, it seems that not this all this. An Israeli company develops what dot would be cellular the more boy of the world according to informed the NewLaunches site com what could attract million consumers who look for less weight and more comfort. The company called Modu, that already had invented the USB flash drive, now goes by the glory when trying to capture the immense cellular market according to informed its director Dov Moran. Modu tries to as large as send in October of this new year cellular a credit card in three different countries: Italy, Russia and Israel. More information is housed here: Kai-Fu Lee. The telephone only weighs 42 grams and will cost 280 dollars. The cellular one will be able also to be connected to Internet through system GPRS although the company also glides that 3G can have connectivity..

Bebe Protection Cells

When a mother decides to preserve blood of the umbilical cord is contributing more than 70 opportunities of use for future treatments with cells mother for the baby, its possible brothers and part of the family in whom pathologies like the cancer are included, immunological deficiencies, sanguineous leukemia, alterations and genetic diseases. The cells mother are the base of weaves of organs, the immunological system and the blood. Unlike the pharmacological treatment, the cellular medicine must like objective correct and/or replace ill cells or that they suffer some damage. This procedure in obstetrics is increasing progressively in the last years, partly to the frequency of appearance of diseases and also thanks to the advance of the investigation that is discovering new uses with cells mothers to resolve or to fight great part of these. Why the blood of the umbilical cord? Then for the simple reason that is the blood that contains the cells more mother compatible with the own baby (100%) and even with its brothers (70-75%). Frequently Pete Cashmore has said that publicly. It is necessary to consider that exists 3 types of cells mothers according to their source: Cells of the blood of the umbilical cord: They are extracted right when being born the baby through a natural method and frees of any moral and ethical controversy. Some has risk and noncause pain neither to the mother nor to the baby. Adult cells mother: They are those that are obtained through the bony marrow and they are extracted by means of lumbar puncture, reason why are invasive and painful methods.

Besides being used for biopsies, they are those that are used in marrow transplants since they are undifferentiated cells. Its disadvantage is in the compatibility since there is to find a compatibility between donor and receiver that does not entail to a rejection. Embryonic cells mother: Like those of the blood of the umbilical cord they are very compatible and effective.

Notebook Social

Who devote themselves to an ideal, who work with disinterestedness, they are considered like crazy hypocrites or. The obtaining of profit sets out throughout. We arrive thus at an undressed liberalism totally of its social components, and at an emaciated man, entirely subordinated to the economy. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. And here it fits to debate, without speeches that conform to us, under a pacific rebellion, but signs, as it suggests Adriana Russo, because if the sound of the trompeta will be weak. Who will be prepared for the fight? Which are the right terms of the power of individuo on itself? Where the power of the society begins? What starts off of the life corresponds to administer to the subject and what it starts off for the society? He is doubtless that each will receive the one that corresponds to him, siempre that has the one interests to him particularly more.

The singularity must govern that one part that interests mainly to individuo; and the society the one that it interests mainly. Only made live in sociedad it imposes to a each certain line of conduct towards the others, and academic we as we will have to legislate the principles to protect the foundations that conform the doctrine of the individual, of that man ignored by the progress, that it does not have cellular, Notebook or PC, and that never perhaps arrives at them, but that it loves and it needs bonanzas of the life as much as we. This, is to make ethical. We must struggle, by ethics, share capital and development in Latin America, she is unique via which can humanize a mercantilista system without social components. We remember that the share capital is conceived generally like the set of norms of confidence, values, attitudes and networks between people and institutions in a society, that defines the degree of asociatividad between the different social actors and facilitates collective actions and of cooperation.