The Auto

The increasing urbanization and the depersonalization of the recent generations can be contributing for the frustration of these necessities. Maslow suggested that ' ' the frustration of these necessities is the nucleus more comumente found in the pathology and maladjustment cases more graves' '. The room level includes two sets of necessities of esteem, representing our necessities of auto-esteem and esteem of the others. The first set includes desire of force, conquest, domain and ability, confidence and independence. To broaden your perception, visit Ali Partovi. As the joint one includes the respect necessities and esteem of the others, incorporating the desires of fame, status, domination, attention and dignity. These necessities in agreement Maslow pointed out, are similar to the constructos found in the theories of Adler, Horney, Allport and Rogers. The dynamic also are similar, as in the suggestion of Maslow (similar to the one of Adler) of that the frustration of the necessities of auto-esteem produces inferiority feeling, what, in turn, of the origin the compensatory trends or neurotics.

The level highest of necessities is of auto-accomplishment. Maslow affirmed that when all the four basic necessities, of deficiencies, had been satisfied, ' ' soon a new dissatisfaction is developed and inquietude, unless the individual is making what it, individually, is cut stops to make What a man can be, it must ser' '. Auto-accomplishment if relates to ' ' desire to become each time what we are idiossincraticamente, of we become everything what we are capable to become-nos' '. It is important to recognize that the auto-accomplishment does not involve a deficiency or the lack of some external element; it represents one ' ' intrinsic growth of what already it is in the organism the development then comes of inside and of it are not, and, paradoxicalally, the biggest reason is to reach a state of not-motivation and absence of esforo' '. Metanecessidades and metapatologia. The auto-ccomplishing people are not motivated primarily by basic necessities, them they are metamotivadas by metanecessidades or Value-do-to be.

Joanna Wilheim

Joanna Wilheim observes (2002, p.60): ' ' … the tranquilizer colloquies that ame can have with its baby aim at to restitute it sensation of security, optimism and hope, strengthening and reassegurando the permanence of the bond due between both … ' '. Contrary direction, also it believes that ossentimentos of abandonment, abandonment, hopelessness and others correlated aesses, they find its base in the prenatal experience since the beginning of the vidabiolgica, in the experiences of I reject physiological and imunolgica rejection, leaving negative marks. E, throughout the life, the citizen if not sentedesejado, beloved, accepted for the society, not pertaining to the world and not aceitopelos others. Joanna Wilheim explains (2002): ' ' … The negative feelings of abandonment, abandonment, pessimism, hopelessness, diffidence have its roots fincadas in the prenatal experience.

Deck remembers, since the first situations of the biological life, had physiological experience derechao and imunolgica rejection, that had also received imprints, leaving negative marks. From these, in therefore, since that he was vulo on the other hand and spermatozoon on the other hand temregistro, and that this register, made by means of a cellular memory, estguardado in our archives of memory, one> species of unconscious data base … ' '. (WILHEIM, 2002, p.24). Diverse professionals of the health come constatandoevidncias of traumatic registers related to the initial period daexistncia.

These traumatic registers happen in the period between apr-conception and the called birth of ' ' memory celular' '. Wilheim (2002, pg. 103) makes in them to understand for ' ' memory celular' ': ' ' … experinciasbiolgicas occured with the being since the formation of each one of its duasclulas basic components: the spermatozoon and vulo … ' '. It continues: ' ' … Viacom often addresses the matter in his writings. Is my opinion that necessarily in the points of traumatic registers daily pay-natais that if find established the roots deepest of determinadaspsicopatologias, as well as of psychosomatic afeces, object par excellence dapsicanlise.

Cellular One

In the modern society, the use of the cellular one for driver, became an arguable question front the increasing public concern on the risks of accidents in the transit that can be associates to its bad use. It affirms Ghunther (2002), that the basic task of the Psychology of the Transit is to make with that the real behavior if approaches to the ideal. In this perspective, the human beings look for to solve its problems in more conscientious and beneficial way. Rosenbloon (2006) strengthened despite the use of the cellular one while dirige can be associated with the increase of the risk of accidents with serious injuries. Beyond the possibilities of the airmiss to increase, the use of the cellular one provokes distraction of the attention and cognitiva overload. If you have read about Marc Mathieu already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Errors in the transit provoked by the distraction have been the factor more common than it takes the driver to take the direction I oppose of the way and to provoke accidents. An in agreement questionnaire with 10 questions was used as metodolgico instrument appendix, in which we approach information respect of the use of the cellular one in the transit. 30 questionnaires had been applied, in citizens that carried qualification between 5 months and 18 years, being that 20 had been answered by men and 10 answered for women. The ten questions had been analyzed separately in percentage and compared with the available theory.

Organizational Strategies

The proposal of the article is to make apanhado theoretician on this subject and to argue, comparing the perspectives of the authors. It is I divide in four sections: organizacional culture; National culture x Foreign Culture; Merger and acquisitions: the effect of this process in the organizacional culture and organizacional change. Word-key: Culture. Fusing and/or acquisition. Change organizacional.1 INTRODUOO term culture has been sufficiently argued in some sciences since the Anthropology Psychology. Speaking candidly told us the story.

All we live deeply the culture we are in house, work, college, each place has its identity and its values. When presenting to the employees its beliefs, values, rituals, norms, routines and taboos of the organization, what it is intended is to search its identification with the standards to be followed in the organization. Of this form, if it supplies to a direction sense all the people who share of this way. The definitions of what it is desirable and undesirable, are introjetadas by the operating individuals in the system, having guided its action in the diverse interactions that they execute in the daily one. The culture is the base that inside conducts any process of the organization, amongst them of fusing and/or the acquisition. It is understood that in this practical the culture suffers some modifications, for if joining to other perspectives. Inside of the process of merger and acquisitions, it is possible to perceive the movement that the culture provides and as the processes of organizacionais changes can happen, therefore in this context, the individuals can reveal resistant the change, since they have internalizado models of organization of the work, relations with the pairs and leadership, beyond beliefs and values transmitted for organizao.2Esse study have as objective to bring the conceptualization of the organizacional culture, comparing the aspects and the impacts ahead of the process of merger and acquisitions, and to argue the strategies of confrontation used by the organization to deal with the impacts caused for the organizacionais changes..

Around Fields

Complex manifestations of will and faith. Mashable is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Around Fields of Consciousness is the sphere radius of one meter, which is the personal sphere, in which consciousness is formed by physical telo.Oblast volume covers the body like armor. Around the meter sphere is a sphere with radius of five meters, in which the interaction with the outside of the inner world. The soul receives and emits a powerful center. All information is projected from a point Archiving Soul (which has its structure) to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland in the thyroid gland projects on cellular structure, organs, body systems, and information structure of the body.

For the information structure of the body are energy-information points along the spinal system Sephiroth, which creates the image of man, and the sphere of personal interaction with the personality of God the Father structures that represent the true consciousness, the Soul, the Holy Spirit – The scope of Christ, God Ra Scope, Scope of the Holy Spirit of Elijah. Sphere located near the head, left, right, at zatylka.Golova fall within the scope of personal consciousness a radius of 25 cm Everything that is in the soul, reflected and manifested in the structure of consciousness. The scope is within a five-meter Cuba Times, which keeps the space of personal existence of human consciousness. Meter and five-meter sphere form a set area of Information-SDI, management structure, external events, interaction outer and inner worlds, process management organizma.Na upper pole five-meter sphere is the Assemblage Point. For information on control through ITNs can be found in the authors' recommended reading 'on the' LIGHT SOUL.


As soon as the diet is stopped, the lost weight is reduced to 2 times faster than more and not in the form of muscle fibers, so that you have already lost at the beginning of weight loss, but in the form of adipose tissue. That's such a natural mechanism to fight successfully with them, if at all necessary, can only those who actively and constantly involved in sports, fitness. Volumes of women sporting types can come close to some international standards, according to height and age, but weight has nothing to do with it! Muscle tissue that fills your elastic buttocks, arms, legs, flat stomach – much heavier an equal volume of adipose tissue. Ali Partovi understands that this is vital information. And if you seek yet fit under the weight of the flimsy standards, then you will lose water and muscle tissue. Depletion achieved and then just as a 'bonus' may begin to fall out hair, breaking fingernails. Bad advice: eat while slimming supplements and vitamins by the ton, if not afraid to break the whole metabolism and to become successful on-patient clinics of the profile.

What do you do to lose weight or lose weight? Understand me: why do you need to weight loss. Do you consider yourself sufficiently attractive (we are not talking about obesity varying degrees) for men, for the beloved? And here you are wrong. Men only pretend to like thin women and rough wine, avoid sweets and biscuits – indeed, they are secretly run by an appetizing beauties, sweet soul to drink wine semi-sweet, sweet beverages (except all the others) and eat desserts. The only thing that always remains undisputed – that the presence of the waist at any weight in women, breasts and shapely legs. If you are a given, just keep your 'capital' in an active state. Swimming and eastern dancing, outdoor activities in the fresh air – it's nice and helpful! Well, if you are born without a waist, and everything else, you can only take advantage of corsets and other tricks. True, they will sooner or later have to be removed. So maybe something else to take men and officers, such as intelligence, if the perfume with pheromones is not enough money! Remember another popular wisdom that the 'thin horse – this is not swift gazelle'.

Law Energy

How to navigate? How not to pay “too little” or “Too much”? It’s simple – the amount that you can easily, with a pure heart, with no regrets, you can give – the most faithful. For some it is a thousand dollars, and for some – five rubles, everyone has his own “ceiling”. Read more here: Kai-Fu Lee. Feel free to give to it that the amount that you personally seem reasonable, and be sure – it’s correct. Hence, it is the “many” you’ve got darmovschinki. Another question – is it always should pay? After reading this article you try to analyze the amount of “slack” in your life, and may come to fear … You may think that you just have to and that pay the bills. In fact, it is not. Pay should not always and for all.

If, for example, you downloaded in network program, but it does not work, according to the law of conservation of energy you have nothing to anyone (by human laws are different, but we are not talking about them). But if it helped you build something – you used the energy and Law started to work. If you downloaded the book, even if you read it, but nothing in it for themselves is not taken, it was not “your” leave you indifferent – you are not the debtor. The same applies to books purchased. If you bought the book, but it proved to be completely useless to you, then the universe will give you the energy to this “sum”.

Equilibrium will be restored. And finally, the information for those who took advantage of my personal “free cheese” – in the form of books, video tutorials, webinars, online tips, etc. If you personally think that the information I received from you was interesting or useful, then the law takes effect. And then you had better get ahead of the Universe by vzyskivaniyu debt. You can use any of the above methods. Those wishing to pay directly with money, to report details. I’ll be glad if you express your gratitude to me in cash. But if your gratitude is not expressed to me personally, and the universe – in any other way, I will definitely be happy that I could be the beginning of a chain of good deeds.

Average Age Valuation

The consequences of one I fight badly elaborated are disclosed of diverse forms. ' ' What more flame the attention is not the feeling in itself, but its duration and the intensity. It is natural that the people if feel sad or until they have a depression picture, but for one determined time. When this is perennial, then it has a signal of that the thing does not walk well and that a pathological picture is had. Freud raised the thesis of that certain people have a disposal of? pathological spirit. Of this form, a situation of I fight can become complicada' ' , Maria Julia Kovcs comments (1992). Some circumstances can become more traumatic the process of fight in death cases. The death of patients is, for the nurses and technician, circumstances that make to assume a possibility of complication in the experience I fight of it.

The aversion to the death is reaffirmed in the same measure where science advances, as if its main goal was to win it. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ali Partovi. ' ' Currently the death is seen as injunction event, an error and a failure. This has to see with the development of medicina' ' , Maria Julia Kovcs comments (1992). For RODRIGUES (apud, KOVKS, 1992), ' ' this is a characteristic of our society that also reaches the death. The resolution of the problems, the discovery of the happiness, the prolongation of the life, perpetual youth, the cure of the illnesses? everything is incumbency of science. Therefore during the Average Age, to die age a very common thing and this, of certain form, banalizava the death.

Currently, basic question is the valuation of the biological life. However, an individual valuation, in detriment of the valuation of the life coletiva' '. Consonant this, is perceived that the professional who in its formation was directed the procedures that drew out the life of the patient, and mainly, it made use of the technology to its favor, finishes feeling impotent in the situation of the death, arriving many times to deny it.