Designing PCBs

In recent years in industrialized countries are experiencing significant growth in the electronics industry, and the time for the knowledge they gained is doubled, while the existing technology obsolete at the moment less than five years. In digital electronics there is an even more rapid development. And one of the most important moments in the development of digital, as indeed, analog electronics is the development of automated systems, printed circuit board design. A leading source for info: Ali Partovi. And although to date all the more or less developed western world uses powerful systems and software for printed circuit boards in the territory of the former Soviet Union there slight lag in this area. The most common to date the program for the development of printed circuit boards is a cad P cad. The latest version of the cad is a software package P cad 2006, Altium Limited Company on announced the termination of development of P cad, and instead offers users use the Altium Designer..

The Nozzle

This is important because solid part can be primitive “pick up” all the heat – and thus, at the solder will not create a sufficient temperature. A heating element of the whole as a whole can at times not only for purely technical reasons, but also due to fire hazard and the effect of thermal expansion, which can bury all the efforts made by low-power soldering station. Also important is the question of the supply voltage. Standard characteristics of domestic and many industrial electric systems in Russia – is 220V, 50Hz, but the sealing parts in locations far from power grids – in a car or other places where, until the socket is not , you can use soldering stations, fed by voltage 12, 18 or 24. And of course, most important, perhaps, characteristic of a soldering iron or soldering station is the operating temperature device. The most primitive models have no stable temperature, but with little heating of soldering when the solder does not melt to a state of fluidity and does not fill all the pores in the place of contact, you can get very frequent effect, which is calling the Cold soldering ‘.

Soldered place looks dull, it becomes rough to the touch – a compound itself turns fragile and unreliable. To avoid this, use a soldering station with an operating temperature sufficient to specific type of material. Overheated sting accelerated wear of the soldering iron or a corresponding nozzle in the case of soldering station, solder may overheat and boil, covered by the end of the sting of dross, flux substrate was completely burned. It happens that the sting of the nozzle at the soldering station is overheating due to excessive evaporation of the solder, if so, work with small electronic components on such a nozzle is not possible. Huge advantage of soldering stations to make a simple soldering iron is that even if you accidentally adjusted the device incorrectly, you always have the opportunity to change the nozzle. Well and good work of the working part of the soldering station have low or too high temperature is difficult, so take a look at the indicators. They will help you configure soldering station on the correct mode, while using an ordinary soldering iron you denied such a possibility. With frequent use of the equipment for soldering master must either buy a set of soldering various capacities, either – modern soldering station with a temperature control, set temperature and a convenient stand for your soldering iron. In addition, perhaps the person involved in soldering constantly delight such details as bath sponges for cleaning, antistatic protection and some other possibilities. A quality soldering station for understandable reasons worth some money, but buying a set of different soldering irons that entails the acquisition of attachments, certain types of solder, which requires skills contact with the equipment at different levels, hardly a better job. The current level of technology allows you to select successfully applied a model from a wide range of devices specifically for your needs – from a relatively thin samples Weller to a wide range Aktakoma, which includes samples from a miniature home soldering stations, to the powerful professional equipment. Therefore, when you visit a specific store or online store, you can choose optimally suitable option soldering station.


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