Having this clear before considering the next item is important. 4 Tell the programs where they store the data by default any program that uses, you configure options which we can tell which directory or folder have to keep him content that is created. This is important, because we always control our creation and we can be effective in protecting it. 5 Establish a plan strict backup routine should be established for data backup operations comply with all rigid and regular and disciplined. I commented that I use, simple but effective: Copy weekly (Sunday night) all the data previously selected in a backup program to a collection of DVDs (5 discs), each of which covers 7 days (disk one day of the month from 2001 to 2008) (Disc 2 day of the month 09-16), etc … up to 5 discs covering 30-31 days. Depending on the day of the month in which the copy is made and the disc is selected. It is a simple and effective plan, no paranoia, that I apply compressed by a full copy of the data, holding 1-2 or 3 copies on each disk as space.

Choose a backup medium efficient program. The choice of media is to store soiled where information security is very important and can range from a simple CD, DVD, to tape backup systems more sophisticated, or ZIP, JAZZ, etc. .. A simple DVD recorder on your computer, it will be more than enough in the most cases. 7 Choose the most appropriate program to backup medium of choice There are plenty of backup programs on the market and even Freeware perfectly fulfilling the task. Seek the most appropriate to the type of data backup type, type of equipment, automated or not, compression, etc …according to our needs. Yo I can recommend two free programs to begin with, and. 8 Periodically check the media for copies should be remembered that the CD, DVD and other media, are not eternal and heat, magnetic fields or the intensive and aggressive factors can cause damage. I recommend renewal of our set of five discs each year. Check the meantime, if properly recorded data from previous backups. 9 In general, maintain the equipment and the operating system completely written off is a very general, but no less important as hardware failures, or software, particularly operating system ever produced in the most inopportune times, often be the cause of data loss at the time of recording or backup. Remember, the tool always ready … 10 Duplicate from any web site, some data can not be over in addition to all these habits above, placing in a storage site like Google’s Gmail offering, or the most recent Dropbox, a copy of those we may need to access data from multiple computers and as in the case could ever have automated synchronized and ready for disposal. If our precautions fail, we still have the web … All this advice can be summarized in an imperative: “Be very methodical and regular” if it fails one of the two, we have a guaranteed disaster sooner or later. Perhaps you already have these habits now? You have other equally useful ways to apply and you can share with us? You explain making a comment to this article below and give us more ideas.

Notebook Social

Who devote themselves to an ideal, who work with disinterestedness, they are considered like crazy hypocrites or. The obtaining of profit sets out throughout. We arrive thus at an undressed liberalism totally of its social components, and at an emaciated man, entirely subordinated to the economy. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. And here it fits to debate, without speeches that conform to us, under a pacific rebellion, but signs, as it suggests Adriana Russo, because if the sound of the trompeta will be weak. Who will be prepared for the fight? Which are the right terms of the power of individuo on itself? Where the power of the society begins? What starts off of the life corresponds to administer to the subject and what it starts off for the society? He is doubtless that each will receive the one that corresponds to him, siempre that has the one interests to him particularly more.

The singularity must govern that one part that interests mainly to individuo; and the society the one that it interests mainly. Only made live in sociedad it imposes to a each certain line of conduct towards the others, and academic we as we will have to legislate the principles to protect the foundations that conform the doctrine of the individual, of that man ignored by the progress, that it does not have cellular, Notebook or PC, and that never perhaps arrives at them, but that it loves and it needs bonanzas of the life as much as we. This, is to make ethical. We must struggle, by ethics, share capital and development in Latin America, she is unique via which can humanize a mercantilista system without social components. We remember that the share capital is conceived generally like the set of norms of confidence, values, attitudes and networks between people and institutions in a society, that defines the degree of asociatividad between the different social actors and facilitates collective actions and of cooperation.