Infantile Educators

The educators perplexos and are disappointed with the situation of the Infantile Educator. After all, what the government intends when divulges in the media on ' ' Quality of the Education? There to construct schools to place children inside without if mattering with the pedagogical part is to continue with the idea of day-care center or depositary of children. Zendesk may find this interesting as well. It will be that the parents would like to see its children in the school, only playing, eating, attending TV? This is ' ' nada' ' for a country that wants to join itself to the most developed of the world. So that to import itself with IDEB? The result already is known by all: child dissimulates that she learns and professor dissimulates that teaches The consequence will be in basic, average education and superior, case they obtain to arrive until there. She is difficult to believe that pupils without ' ' bagagem' ' that they had had professors, by the way, ' ' cuidadores' ' they will have success in the pertaining to school life.

We are regredindo and coming back in the time when the conception of child she was seen as adult in miniature? That any adept and caridosa person of time could congregate children in the bilge of house to teach to the B the B? People walk for front. Of well intentioned person the world is full as is the mothers whom they need to work and they trust the schools and its professionals, chemical preparations to initiate the formation of its children? Many of these pupils are compromised by deficiencies and that they would have to be monitored by professionals of the occupational area for example. They are these ' ' cuidadores' ' that it has the responsibility for them. It imagines children to be the day all in a school without a pedagogical planning of its activities? I find that it is lacking knowledge on the base of the education, lines of direction and Decenais Plans that are a determination of the Federal Constitution, so that all the mining cities had the responsibility to elaborate its Decenais Plans in accordance with the determination of PNE (Lei Federal/2001), as well as the orientaes of the State secretary of the Education.


Sebastian Bosch of the Stuttgart-based online agency MOSAIQ MEDIA gives insights into the life of an entrepreneur according to the number of self-employed workers amounted to 4.5 million Federal Statistical Office in Germany to the end of 2012. A wish that more and more workers would like to implement in reality is to be professionally independent. A decision that should be well thought out to be his own boss means also a high risk and much responsibility responsibility towards the customer, the staff and the own family. Sebastian Bosch, founder and Managing Director of the Stuttgart-based online agency MOSAIQ MEDIA has done this step 15 years ago and draws up a balance review with ups and downs. At the age of 5, Sebastian Bosch knew that he wanted to be his own boss professionally. Lived by his own father, who so far has spent his entire life as an entrepreneur. Further details can be found at Viacom, an internet resource. After several employment as an employee, this desire by Sebastian Bosch not only run driven by the idea more and more became a vision,. but to create.

So, together with his current business partner, he founded the online agency MOSAIQ MEDIA in Stuttgart, Germany. It supports companies of different industries as strategic and creative partner in, to generate new customers, more contacts and increased sales on the Internet. It developed the agency communication strategies, develops concepts and design, technically implement this and takes care of the marketing by online marketing and social media. Meanwhile, the team has grown to 30 employees and of course the responsibility as an employer. This means not only to accompany the financial input in the form of orders to ensure that salaries and bills can be paid, but also careers, to keep satisfied customers and to attract new customers. As an entrepreneur, you must expect that again and again situations occur that were not planned or have been calculated by way of derogation.

Ramirez Devany

The Warrior personally believe that this is the role that most of times determines between creating a satisfactory and functional design and creating an original design, exceptional and out series, i.e., a work that speaks of our creative ability. The Warrior role assumed it when we decided to do things differently and reject the easy way, daring us to take responsibilities and risks involved to do so. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro . The Warrior role is gaining more prominence to the extent that we will rely on our capabilities and develop greater security and maturity in our technique, but above all when we develop the character necessary to defend our ideas and points of view, with the support of convincing justifications, common sense, knowledge and experience. The Warrior role properties: recalls that the basic rules of life are: change is inevitable. Everyone resists change. Let’s go! Do it! It uses its own resources. It strengthens your coat, ready for criticism. It tracks.

It is raised when this knocked. Savor their victories and learn from their defeats. Applicable role the difference between doing a web site that meets the expectations of one to exceed them, is what is we call share of genius. Many times this quota can develop it from the same artist, product of an initial inspiration feasible and extraordinary role, however, in the majority of the times is often achieved through perseverance and risk-taking, under the firm conviction to deliver the best solution web, attractive and functional. I can not tell you that assume all your projects with the same prominence of the Warrior role of always, you who must decide when assume with greater force, because it is wise recognize a normal draft of one that can enhance our prestige and ability. CONCLUSION the browser looking for materials to generate new ideas. The artist takes all materials and the He transforms into new and original ideas. The judge evaluates its function, has an idea and decides what to do with it: it puts into practice, modify it or rejects. Guerrero is the bold brings your idea to action. Do it! Then that factors determine which roles finished taking greater role in the work to be performed? Good in part our State’s inspirational mood, our workload of the moment, the expectations of the customer, our own expectations of the beneficial to deliver one satisfactory job of another exceptional. But that, thats another post.


From the article you'll learn how your favorite Russify theme to WordPress or new, but very useful English-language plugin (so that users on your blog did not bother with English). And make it so that after the update this hypothetical theme or plug-in did not have to translate it again. The article also helps you if you need only update the translation theme or plugin. This happens if the plugin drastically altered, and scored on a translator Update and some new or updated phrases were in English. As I suspect, this method works not only with WordPress'om, but also with other CMS programs and open source. In an Internet there are plenty of articles with tips such as: "Open the footer.php file and replace all the text that was found there, the Russian equivalent of (do not forget the encoding). Repeat for all files in a folder of your theme.

" And once you've listened to this advice – a theme picked up and refreshed, and you have to translate everything again. What do I suggest? I propose to create (or edit an existing) language file. Then when you update the plugin or WordPress theme translation is not going anywhere. What is the language file. Po? Theory. You've probably often seen the files with the extension. Po or. Mo in the folder with the theme for WordPress or folder ochen_poleznogo plugin? If you have not found immediately, then they can still hide in a folder "languages". Viacom has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Well, if you do not see, now you hear about them first (Very useful and free files, among other things). . Po files – if crudely, this localization. Many popular programming languages (C, C + +, scripts sh, Python, Perl, PHP, Java, Pascal and a bunch of others) have the function gettext, ngettext or the like, which mark the text for a future transfer. But, you say nothing of the sort seen in the file footer.php, header.php or ochen_poleznyy_plagin.php and you're right. Because these functions, for readability, replacing short-synonymous __ (two characters underscore) or _e _c or or something else. As a result, the code: printf (gettext ('My name is% s.'), my_name) looks like this: printf (__(' My name is% s. '), my_name) then a special extractor extract all such lines in a special file template with the extension. pot. The same line in the. Pot file will look like: #: Header.php: 19 msgid 'My name is% s.' msgstr''where header.php – this is the file from which you removed the line 'My name is% s.', and the number 19 – is the number of the line. Then create a translator from this template file localization file with the extension. Po. And in this file you can write a line break. It will look so: #: header.php: 19 msgid 'My name is% s.' msgstr 'And my name is% s.' But this is not the end. But not the beginning:). As a last touch translator program creates a binary file (compiled) extension. Mo, who fed engine WordPress. The sequence of actions to translate WordPress

Furniture Placement

Easy to program and full 3D visualization of the furniture and the room will allow you to quickly create an interior project, test it for functionality and aesthetics. Almost all operations using the mouse koipyutera fully to Use the program can be learned in a period of several hours. Program in English. Below are some features: * space opening doors, drawers furniture * The possibility of mode perspective and interior, which can be furniture and decorative articles, as well as change their position * Ability to change the world of color furniture after inserting it in the projected space * Ability insert from a library of selected products of decorative articles with suggestions mebelVox, as well as by a simple function of "Put on the furniture" to make arrangement of the interior * Component Library will provide an opportunity insert flowers, vases, lamps, paintings, electronic equipment, doors, windows, partition walls, columns, pillars, as well as human figures. For proper operation of the program requires: Processor Class Intel Pentium 500Mhz * 64 Mb ram * Graphics Memory card per c Direct 7 c 16 Mb memory ram * 35Mb of free disk space The program operates in the technology of Macromedia Shockware 3d company Macromedia Inc.

Victor Frankl

The idea that in the unconscious can be positive elements of the personality, which would be the spiritual dimension is present in both authors. Jung thus extols the value of religions as psychotherapeutic systems. So much so, that stated that a renewed understanding of religion would be a successful mode of addressing the healing of good part of the suffering and the difficulties that arise in the life of the human being however, would like to finish the writing a bit more entering the spirituality that we consider very transcendent in our passage through this physical dimensionRecalling what cites the, for Victor Frankl freedom of the individual is evident from its spiritual dimension and argues that neither the Psychophysics situation nor social position are decisive in the position in which is found a person, but that the decisive factor lies in the spiritual person, in personal attitudes that each one adopts with the circumstances that arise in life. For even more opinions, read materials from Ali Partovi. Descartes in this respect has said, that few errors both contribute to ward off spirits weaknesses of the straight path of truth, which holds that the soul of animals is of the same nature than ours and, therefore, have nothing to fear or hope after this life, the same as flies and ants. However was the Cartesian logic not just in case, that led hand to science, to establish us as owners and Lords of nature, as expresses it the same Descartes, and then plunge into materialism dehumanizing, lacking in spirituality that pervades the world today? This was the case despite the fact that for the own discards the human rational soul not may have been removed from the force of matter, not enough, that the rational soul may dwell in the human body as a pilot in his ship, but it is necessary that it is intimately linked to the to have feelings and passions and thus form the true man, ultimately deemed that bequeathed us, Leo Buscaglia: want to drive back to yourself, what you are, do you think you could draw a bridge toward yourself? This may be the greatest adventure of your life. And there are thousands of things to do, to touch, to feel, and each one of them will make us a different human being Gustavo Berti added: is our spiritual dimension that connects us, through intuition, with the very essence of things..

The Auto

The increasing urbanization and the depersonalization of the recent generations can be contributing for the frustration of these necessities. Maslow suggested that ' ' the frustration of these necessities is the nucleus more comumente found in the pathology and maladjustment cases more graves' '. The room level includes two sets of necessities of esteem, representing our necessities of auto-esteem and esteem of the others. The first set includes desire of force, conquest, domain and ability, confidence and independence. To broaden your perception, visit Ali Partovi. As the joint one includes the respect necessities and esteem of the others, incorporating the desires of fame, status, domination, attention and dignity. These necessities in agreement Maslow pointed out, are similar to the constructos found in the theories of Adler, Horney, Allport and Rogers. The dynamic also are similar, as in the suggestion of Maslow (similar to the one of Adler) of that the frustration of the necessities of auto-esteem produces inferiority feeling, what, in turn, of the origin the compensatory trends or neurotics.

The level highest of necessities is of auto-accomplishment. Maslow affirmed that when all the four basic necessities, of deficiencies, had been satisfied, ' ' soon a new dissatisfaction is developed and inquietude, unless the individual is making what it, individually, is cut stops to make What a man can be, it must ser' '. Auto-accomplishment if relates to ' ' desire to become each time what we are idiossincraticamente, of we become everything what we are capable to become-nos' '. It is important to recognize that the auto-accomplishment does not involve a deficiency or the lack of some external element; it represents one ' ' intrinsic growth of what already it is in the organism the development then comes of inside and of it are not, and, paradoxicalally, the biggest reason is to reach a state of not-motivation and absence of esforo' '. Metanecessidades and metapatologia. The auto-ccomplishing people are not motivated primarily by basic necessities, them they are metamotivadas by metanecessidades or Value-do-to be.

Military Command

According to Pablo Freire: School is the place where if it makes friends, it is not only about building, rooms, pictures, programs, schedules, concepts School is, over all, people, people that work, that it studies, that is glad, if knows, if they esteem. It is not something Viacom would like to discuss. The director is people, the coordinator is people, the professor is people, the pupil is people. the school will be each better time in the measure where each one if holds as colleague, friend, brother It is of this acolhedora school which they leave the instrumentistas, the creative artists, the multiplying artists of the culture. It is in it, also, that the social paper of the martial bands if makes important, because in it educating not only participates of a paradigm, but participates of a liberating formation, that teaches varied forms of contextualizar through music. Another important paper of the martial bands is the fact of it to go beyond the participation in the civic parade of 7 of September, it participates all of an intense programming during the school year, as for example: of the meeting of bands in the capital, in the neighboring cities and the interior, some leaving for other States. The bands also participate of competitions promoted for diverse institutions that produce these meeting, as, for example, in the decade of 80 she had a very important competition in Recife every year in Park 13 of May, organized for old the IV I exercise, today northeast Military Command. It was a competition moment, but to exactly time a chance institutions to show to the potential of its pupils, providing an enormous benefit to them for the social development. The social paper reveals there enormously enriquecedor. Another basic paper in the life of the participants of the band is the educational factor, because ahead of this process educating lives deeply its ethical values, ideological e, over all, the inclusive one.