This makes the servicing of the boiler as efficient, simple and effective. In addition, semi-automatic feed allows you to restore the required level of pressure in the heating circuit in the event of his fall, and the system self-diagnostic controls the appearance of any problems and faults in the boiler. By the same author: Legatum. Information about how to troubleshoot the display. Hear other arguments on the topic with Legatum Institute. Warm reception Detached house in order as well that allows you to create a truly "smart" heating, can work most effectively, and create the most favorable conditions for its owner. This applies to the circulation pumps – they are responsible for starting the coolant from the boiler directly to the radiators or a system such as underfloor. As in the case of boilers, the landlord must strictly control the operation of this device. And for this purpose in modern technology provides "all the amenities." For example, the pump grundfos ALPHA2 equipped led on indications that at any given time you can learn about the value of energy consumption and the state of the heating system.

But even without the master's oversight of such a pump behaves quite rationally. For this the technology of automatic adaptation autoadapt. It allows ALPHA2 recognize the requirements of the heating system and to accurately select the desired setting for the job. Provides the function "night mode" that automatically reduces engine speed to a minimum. That is, at night the heating system operates in power save mode with a decrease in coolant temperature. Such equipment can easily "adjusted" and a job radiator automation.