Basic concepts for the purposes of these regulations and technical uses the following basic concepts: Valves (valves) – technical device installed on the pipelines and tanks intended for their protection or management (overlap, management, distribution, mixing, ) flow of the working medium (liquid, gas, gas-liquid, powder, suspensions, etc.) by area change flow area or flow direction, valves and fittings – designed to shut off the flow of the working environment with a normalized integrity valves; protective fittings – valves, designed for automatic protection of equipment and pipelines from impermissible overpressure in the protected facility by dumping excess of the working environment; fixture – designed to control parameters of the working environment by changing the cross-section area of reinforcement; reverse fixture – designed to automatically prevent backflow of the working environment fittings; fittings shut-off – stop driving fittings with a minimum response time, due process requirements, distribution and mixing valves – valves, designed to distribute medium flow in certain directions, or for mixing flows; fittings – valves, designed to separate working environments that are in different phase states, pressure Nominal (PN) – the highest operating pressure, expressed in kg/cm2 at a temperature of operating environment 293 K (20 C) at which the predetermined period of service (resource) body parts of valves that have specific dimensions, based on the calculation of strength at the chosen materials and their characteristics of strength at 293 K (20 C) operating pressure (PP) – The highest overpressure, which allows continuous operation Fixtures for the chosen materials and a given temperature, pressure design – (P) – Too much pressure to which calculates the strength, the pressure test (RPR; Ph) – positive pressure, which should be carried out hydraulic test fittings for strength and density of water at a temperature of at least 278 K (5 C) and not more than 343 K (70 C) if the documentation otherwise indicated temperature. . . To know more about this subject visit Rusty Holzer.

Construction Technologies

Several years ago, when there was a pressed steel deck, he made a revolution in construction and manufacturing of steel, thanks to a beautiful appearance, ease of installation, low cost production, pressed steel deck easily replaced expanded metal sheet (PVL) is used as floor slabs and steps in the construction industry. But technology does not stand still and today there is a new technical solution to be used as an alternative to steel decking – this outdoor decks on the basis of fiberglass. Scope of plastic decking as similar to the metal pressed decks, but they have some undeniable advantages, it is primarily a lower weight of the product that has a positive effect on the total weight of manufactured structures, they do not spend electric current, high resistance to bending and impact after falling on a deck heavy object, he, unlike his fellow metal takes its original shape while the iron floor is deformed and damaged section needs to be replaced, and again, the low cost of production. Little about the technology of production. Plastic decking despite its name actually are not, production technology decking on the basis of glass fiber strands is as follows: a specially made form fits a frame made of fiberglass strands in a grid, and then filled with a special epoxy resin that then with further heat treatment hardens, then cools and is removed from the mold all the product is ready, the decks of your choice may be different colors blue red yellow green, etc. to the same pluses the technology does and what a lattice is obtained by monolithic. Due to the use in the manufacture of plastic material produced in this way produce its appearance is limited only by your imagination, as well As the steel decking above method produced stairs railings, vertical ladders and handrails. There are a variety of plastic decking is first and foremost in the industry platforms, passages, stairs, livestock farms, in construction of multi-storey to the private sector. Continue to learn more with: Bryant Walker Smith . When using any article direct active link to the source required!


This makes the servicing of the boiler as efficient, simple and effective. In addition, semi-automatic feed allows you to restore the required level of pressure in the heating circuit in the event of his fall, and the system self-diagnostic controls the appearance of any problems and faults in the boiler. By the same author: Legatum. Information about how to troubleshoot the display. Hear other arguments on the topic with Legatum Institute. Warm reception Detached house in order as well that allows you to create a truly "smart" heating, can work most effectively, and create the most favorable conditions for its owner. This applies to the circulation pumps – they are responsible for starting the coolant from the boiler directly to the radiators or a system such as underfloor. As in the case of boilers, the landlord must strictly control the operation of this device. And for this purpose in modern technology provides "all the amenities." For example, the pump grundfos ALPHA2 equipped led on indications that at any given time you can learn about the value of energy consumption and the state of the heating system.

But even without the master's oversight of such a pump behaves quite rationally. For this the technology of automatic adaptation autoadapt. It allows ALPHA2 recognize the requirements of the heating system and to accurately select the desired setting for the job. Provides the function "night mode" that automatically reduces engine speed to a minimum. That is, at night the heating system operates in power save mode with a decrease in coolant temperature. Such equipment can easily "adjusted" and a job radiator automation.

Profiles Polycarbonate

High fire resistance (the material does not readily ignite, and flame retardant, at very high temperatures, the material melts, but does not permit the spread of flame burning polycarbonate are not accompanied by the release of toxic substances, in contrast to other plastics). The extreme lightness, low density (cell polycarbonate weighs 16 times less than glass and 3 times less than the acrylic of the same thickness). Viacom has much to offer in this field. High thermal insulation properties, low thermal conductivity (heat transfer coefficient – 2,5 W/m2K resistance, heat transmission is higher than a conventional single-layered glass, which reduces energy costs to heat and cool for about 30-50% due to low heat sheets are used for glazing buildings, greenhouses, conservatories).

High light transmission (transmission – up to 86%, polycarbonate sheets are ideal for applications that require maximum light transmission, good dispersion of light in a double-pane, no shadows, winning for by reflecting on the partitions). Good noise insulation and soundproofing. High chemical resistance (sheets can be applied even in hostile environments without changing the chemical composition and properties). Bending strength and tear.

Excellent resistance to weathering (resistance to the most adverse climatic conditions; polycarbonate suitable for use in temperatures ranging from-400C to +1200 C, a special outer layer protects the sheets from yellowing (degradation) and surface wear). Durability, immutability of properties (mechanical, optical and thermal properties of polycarbonate sheets remain immutable throughout the warranty period and even longer warranty period of 10-12 years). There is a possibility of processing sheets of specially coated (‘Antifog’), which prevents the formation of water droplets on the inner side of the sheet. This coating, which is given by Five-year warranty, durable and resistant to moisture and various chemicals. Sheets with such a coating recommended for use in the construction of swimming pools, conservatories and greenhouses, as by preventing formation of water droplets increases light transmission and reduces the incidence of plants. Safety glasses (polycarbonate resin is a viscous, so sheets made from it, not broken, do not give cracks and, consequently, sharp pieces on impact). Protection against ultraviolet radiation (a special protective coating applied on the outer surface of the sheet, preventing the most harmful to domestic premises of uv radiation). Fine structural features: – Easy-sheet allows you to create light, original and elegant design – ease of sheets can increase the area of translucent surface by increasing the width of the passage of the supporting structure – Easy-sheet allows installation without lifting equipment – large format sheet and the flexibility in the cold makes lists ideal material for covering buildings with complex geometric shapes: arched and vaulted structures, and other geometrically complex building projects – the ease of processing (sheets perfectly handled ordinary cutting tools: saws, drills, screwdrivers) – easy and quick installation (due to low coefficient of linear expansion of sheets can be profiled in view of the temperature difference). For the installation of cellular Polycarbonate uses special polycarbonate profiles that have the same color scheme, and the same mechanical properties. They are very easy to assemble and give the appearance of solid design. End Profiles intended to demarcate the ends of the sheet, and the connection – to connect the two sheets together. Connecting sections are detachable (you can adjust the clearance) and one-piece. – Reducing the cost object under construction (The use of polycarbonate lowers the total cost object under construction, so as lightweight sheet allows you to reduce the amount of load-bearing structures).

Charcoal in Europe

In Russia, this rate of less than 100 grams. Add to your understanding with Robert Bakish. There are several varieties of charcoal associated with different manufacturing techniques and the characteristics of raw materials. For example, Japan is very high demand for so-called "white coal" burned out Far iron oak. Some foreign companies are made as a fuel for fireplaces and grills "Red Corner", a soft charcoal obtained at low temperature. The preferred raw material for hardwood charcoal is wood, since it has obtained a more durable and solid carbon. Meanwhile, in the new raw material for charcoal increasingly waste softwood, aspen and shrubs.

Make of their quality coal can produce it if on proven technology and briquetting. Charcoal is produced in Russia has since ancient times. In Russia there is such a profession – and charcoal sold in bast kulyah. Profession a was very popular in Russia and in Europe, and Asia. Many people in Africa are still in the home for cooking is used only charcoal and harvest traditional ways. Its main customer was the steel industry and other industries, including food. Charcoal is a departure for the Russian stove firebox.

Before closing the chimney damper and damper tubes unburned coals from the hearth furnace swept and placed in a tightly sealed pot. Virtually every Russian village could not do without forge. All forge worked on charcoal. The most common early methods of obtaining coal heap and were yamnoe charring. It is these modes of production provide numerous coal forge that existed in almost every village.

Authorised Service Centres

With the speed of the scanner 700 pages per hour, the average performance of one operator is 2,5 – 3 thousand pages per shift, taking into account breaks for the replacement of books, rest breaks, etc., which is one of the highest rates for scanners stapled documents. 4. Respect for books V-shaped book cradle protects the spine, without revealing its more than 120 degrees. Lack of ultraviolet radiation eliminates harmful effects on the securities crumbling documents. 5.

An important service for long term operation of equipment is a timely and affordable service. Authorised Service Centres crawlers atiz in Moscow and St. Petersburg. As for the camera canon – are subject to a proprietary 2- guarantee executed in any service center canon. 6.

Easy to install and use the scanner assembly atiz BookDrive Mini atiz BookDrive diy and two men took 15 and 30 minutes respectively. Most of this time is spent on installing and configuring the camera. Easy to assemble and configuration allows us not to use the services of external specialists. Low weight and dimensions allow the installation of scanners at the usual office desks without fear of overthrow equipment. 7. Convenience and simplicity of the interface software Step by step instructions, intuitive user interface allows people with even minimal computer skills quickly enough to leave on a good performance scan. 8. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out technology investor. Modernization Modernization scanners atiz is to replace the cameras with new ones, have more features of the model. It's no secret that the development of digital photography is the highest rate. Back in 2008, all amazed Opportunities 12-megapixel camera eos 450D, and in 2009 released 15-megapixel eos 500D. In nature, there is a fairly expensive 21.1 Megapixel eos 5D Mark ii. With traditional book scanner – planetary proximity and tablet – about such a possibility can not even dream of modernization. 9. Mobility Equipment in the folded position is completely portable, and malovospriimchivo to the rolling and shaking during transport. Mobile teams Scan "Alee Software" appreciate the mobile scanners atiz for implementation of projects in remote from the center of Russian cities, where there was no possibility of extra protection of cargo, for example, in the form of wooden crates. 10. Multipurpose use of receiving bundled with the scanner atiz two professional digital slr camera canon, you can use them for other purposes. High-quality photo-and videography is often required in each organization, whether it's pictures of the products or video outputs. The popularity of these cameras for professionals and amateurs is confirmed by numerous tests and quizzes, which confirms For example, service Yandex.Fotki

Car Weight

Static weighing. Family car scales 7260S static weighing, in which a stationary car completely is gruzopriemnoy platform is the most accurate, but also the most time-consuming. Viacom contains valuable tech resources. It is recommended for areas with low freight traffic on weighting of each car takes up to one minute. Weigh in motion. The family car scales 7260M Scales weighing in motion.

The total weight of the car is determined by summing the weight of trucks. Scales can 7260M used for weighing liquid cargo with a kinematic viscosity of not less than 59mm2 / s, as well as dry and hard goods. Weigh-in composition occurs in the movement at a speed of 3 to 10km / h. Static weighing and weigh-in moving the carriage on its full dline.Semeystvo car scales 7260SM. The most versatile series of car scales.

Allows us to combine high-precision static weighing and weighing in rapid motion. Multi-platform scales can weigh wagon or full-length, or element by element, depending on the geometrical characteristics. Track scales for metering oil 7260R Represent pavement the foundation construction which weigh no uncoupling of four and eight-axle tank cars in the same route. Weighing error did not exceed 0.02% in the static, which is 10 times better than the error volumetric method of determining the mass (metrshtok, flow). Distinctive features of heavy-weights mettler toledo. Automobile and wagon scales can be equipped with a wide range of information display devices from simple weighted indicators to fully autonomous controllers that transmit information in a computer network company. Load cells important design element weights – strain gauge load cell (DigiTOL or MTX).

Domestic Pumps

Company specialists grundfos – the world's leading manufacturer of pumping equipment – developed a new pump ALPHA2. This pump, corresponding to the class 'A' energy efficiency, spend less energy than a light bulb in 75 Tues Maximum power consumption is 22 watts for the model ALPHA2 25-40 and 45 watts – model ALPHA2 25-60, and the annual electricity consumption in the home area of 200 m2 – total 90 kW h Pump is designed for use in domestic heating and hot water, as well as can be used for devices such as "warm floor". For the first time in the circulation pump for residential systems designers used the technology to automatically adapt autoadapt (AVTOADAPT). It allows you to identify requirements ALPHA2 heating systems and to accurately select the desired setting for the pump. Pete Cashmore describes an additional similar source. Function "night mode" automatically reduces engine speed to a minimum when the night-time heating boiler takes the system heating in the economy mode with decreasing coolant temperature. Advanced compact design ALPHA2, as well as a unique plug power cable connection made it possible to connect the equipment in close conditions. "In ALPHA2 our team not only managed to achieve record efficiency of all domestic pumps on the market, but also provide the ease and convenience in operation, that is certainly meaningful to the consumer – commented Sergei , a specialist segment of the domestic equipment company "Grundfos". – For example, the landlord at any time can learn about the value of energy consumption and state of the heating system thanks to LEDs that has a pump. "