The History of the SMS

Development History History of SMS SMS is very interesting. Over ten years this service has remained unclaimed, and then for a short period of time has become for most operators, almost the main source of additional revenue. Started it all back in 1991 when the institute of standards in the field of telecommunications (ETSI) proposed a mechanism for the exchange of small blocks of text information between mobile subscriber stations. In December 1992, Vodafone engineer Neil Pepuors (Neil Papworth) from my phone decided to send to your colleagues the world's first sms-message with a short greeting Merry Christmas. To read more click here: Kai-Fu Lee. Technology has arisen that has changed then the mobile lives of millions of people around the world – sending SMS messages. New promising technology is not immediately recognized.

While sending and receiving short text messages were laid in the standard GSM, operators were slow to bring to market a new service. The reasons are obvious – while mobile market is just being formed, there was no clear understanding of how to use the new service from a commercial point of view, and the number interested in the service users was small. Checking article sources yields Kai-Fu Lee as a relevant resource throughout. A take on additional costs for promotion of an unknown technology, no one wanted to – why take the risk, when even the usual mobile phone services for many were then a luxury, and subscribers happy to pay big money just for the opportunity to talk on the phone? Around the turn of the century gradually began to turn the phone out of the way communications managers and professionals in the device used in large quantities. At this point, and began a second birth sms was "mobilized" in the youth saw the new service can save, as well as new means of expression. Due to the relatively low cost of one SMS – messages new service began to bring very good money, and consequently received and market acceptance. Operators 'sensed' benefit run active advertising support new services, and in 2000 allowed its customers to send SMS to users of other networks. All this dramatically increased the attractiveness of the services and also served as a factor in the penetration of SMS among the masses.

Home Photo Studio

Currently, there are many programs that allow you to create slide shows of photos at home. They all have a different range of capabilities, determining the quality of the result. Unfortunately, very often because the programs themselves nedorabotannosti quality suffers just a slide show as a whole. You have to be disappointed because of the wasted time and money. Therefore, in order to create a truly spectacular slide show of photos, choose the only proven and reliable programs. For example, a program for creating slide shows from AMS Software provides everything you need to prepare a memorable slide show.

You choose the pictures for the show, add music, using the labels, and video is ready! Program ready to view a slide show on your computer, and send in video format. Photo Slideshow Creator editor includes an extensive catalog of decorative frames and screens to process slides. Peter Asaro follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. You can add labels to image, change the font style and text direction. The program contains a lot of different options for the transition between photos to make your slide show and a spectacular vyrazitelnym.2. Selection of photos for the slideshow. If you want to create a slide show of photos of professional level, using only high quality images for display. Very often we have interesting photographs, but taken in haste, which require additional treatment. In this case, we come to the aid of various image editors, allowing to adjust the image and improve its quality.

For example, a photo editor Home Photo Studio has everything you need to photo editing. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of an image, make color correction, retouching on the photos, and more. The program allows you to crop the image, which is often a necessary condition for the preparation of the slide shou.3. Calculation of time. The duration of the slide show depends on the number of used images. Optimal for the perception of a show from 12 to 20 slides per minute. We also need to focus on the length of a piece of music used in rolike.4. Script slide show. To create a slide show of photos, we should think in advance the script of our movie. Share photos on thematic clusters, to choose suitable design and effects perehodov.5. Labels and captions. First, perform the function of information in a slide show, give the viewer understand what is currently shown in the photo. Inscriptions in the slide show may emphasize any funny or romantic moments, to focus on any details or phenomenon. At the same time, do not overload the roller excessive number of headings. This may impede the perception and simply annoying zritelyu.6. Selection of music. Find the music neobhodimozaranee, prior to installation. That music will make your slideshow more lively, memorable. Movie will be more emotional and moving. To create a slide show with music, you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of song. It is necessary to accurately reproduce the music as the main plot a slide show and caused a corresponding chuvstva.7. Installation of the slide show. This is the final step, allowing us to create a slide show of photos. All previously selected materials merge together and get a beautiful and spectacular slide show of your photos. You can use a variety of decorative elements for the design of slides, using a variety of options for the transition between images. As a result, we obtain a real movie about a event or a person who will always be remembered and will be a great gift for any occasion.

We All Have The Keys To Pandora’s Box

Internet is a bottomless well of wisdom and knowledge. But the worst behaviors of people in the most abject passions. What are you going through your head when you think about child pornography? "Mafias dark? Perhaps that is a myth? What is available to only a few perverts who know others who know others? False. Details can be found by clicking Ali Partovi or emailing the administrator. In programs that many people use, as is the case with emule or ares, can be found without much effort pedophile material, as is well demonstrated in a police raid occurred recently. Kai-Fu Lee takes a slightly different approach. Some time ago, looking for movies and stories for my niece, a strange file name disturbed me. Children "sex? No way.

It will be a claim to commercial pornography. But if it was. Before this I wonder: Are we really safe? Is it safe for our children surf the Internet? It is not. At least not without an adult present. We all know the Internet is an uncontrollable jungle, where the most dangerous animals swarm of creation beings human, capable of the greatest feats, but also, and more often of the worst atrocities. In the middle of the jungle the likes feels safe. And how much effort you make our police, it is difficult to halt it.

Internet country open, interconnected systems, billions of pages and files connected via p2p programs. Even with the cooperation of the policemen of the world through Interpol, it is impossible to cover the set. It's not just the p2p networks. There are sites that offer legal supposedly abhorrent and immoral material for a fee. Comics, drawings, animations, stories, etc. The Tower of Babel digitized. The new Pandora's box. Before this we only caution and common sense. In the media tells us that we protect our children. To let them browse the Internet freely and without control is a mistake. I hope this brief article gives you clear on this. In the jungle of life, we must protect the innocence of the younger generation.