Pedagogical Evaluation

It hisses (apud ESLAND 2007), emphasizes that everything what it is learned if of the one for intermediary of the exchanges and the social relations. The dedicated professors, endowed with character and ethics, therefore its behavior influences in the motivation, if they worry about the learning of the pupils, and it looks for to stimulate them, it teaches, it searchs forms to motivate them, giving security to them to reach its objectives. She is necessary to consider all the abilities, the interests, the attitudes and the knowledge acquired inside and outside of the school, therefore the learning folloies the life of each one, in which the man learns to know the nature and to adjust itself adequately to its physical and social environment. The learning must however be inspired in the daily relations because it is an important process for the success of the survival of the citizen, she is necessary that it has educative ways to become these efficient relations, in way that didactic methods, programs, resume and objectives are reached, since to learn it involves the total and global participation of educating in its physical aspects, intellectual, emotional and social. The pupil learns for the participation in activities of all sort, as a dynamic process, therefore this work considers to argue Resume, Pedagogical Evaluation and Proposals, in a dialgica perspective as strategy for the learning. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mashable has to say.

The objective of this research is to analyze the relation professor-pupil and the importance for the learning, to recognize that it is possible to modify the pertaining to school environment in an interaction space and new constructions, and to supply different vises on the practical one, using new instruments that assist the prxis pertaining to school. Visit Zendesk for more clarity on the issue. The learning is resulted of the occured changes in that it learns. The pupil is a being that thinks, it feels and it acts, and all the apprehended process possesss motor and affective components. The being that learns, forms one meaning of this process: if it is interesting or enfadonho, or if it constitutes of a pleasant exercise, acquiring referring feelings to the activity to appreciate it, to value it or to disdain it, determining it as positive or negative. Ahead of the displayed one, it is the challenge of the professor to break the programmed pedagogical routine, establishing a pleasant relation between the knowledge and knowing of its pupils.

The methodology will be based on the bibliographical research, and the work of field, that supply subsidies to contribute with the reflection and the importance of the subject in question. Today the importance of the dialogue, the motivation for the pupil is known, and of as the lessons must be dynamic, feeding the capacity of participation for the formation of critical and conscientious pupils. The subject pupil of the action while the professor is formador, integrator, communicator, creative, collaborating, efficient, flexible, generating of knowledge, and compromised questionador, with the changes. This must be profile of the professor in its relation with the pupils.