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If you are sick of such a situation and you will agree with me – read on. Give recipe. The problem will be solved radically! As for the time spent on its decision, it will be no more than what you spend on a permanent excavation in the body of libraries in the two previous cases. Great dignity I had proposed method is that all have to do only once. We assume that the installation libraries are with us in the form of exe files.

In most cases, the way it is. The variant representation library as an archive. In any case, we agree that when unpacking exe libraries or archives, we have to get the catalog, starting with the folder ‘Runtime’. In the best case, each subsequent file that installs or unpack in a folder ‘Runtime’ will increase its size by adding more and more library files. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info. If, after unpacking, we get a group of folders or files other than the above mentioned option, we must handle cause the variations to the required form. In practice, I obtained after correction of archived files, without compression and then unzip the folder ‘Runtime’. I draw your attention that all of the above process we are in any single directory on disk, and besides daddy ‘Runtime’ there’s nothing there. Develops the idea further.

Suppose we have an initial three drives with the model of ‘Victoria’ and the three disks with the model of ‘Michael’. So. All the manipulations we perform only those installyakami that are designed to Victoria and get the folder ‘Runtime’, respectively, only the libraries for Victoria. After that we go on the road RuntimelibrariesCharacter, create this folder with the name ‘ Victoria’ and all the folders are on the way move into the newly created. Just proceed with the files on the road: RuntimelibrariesFace RuntimelibrariesHair RuntimelibrariesHand RuntimelibrariesLight RuntimelibrariesPose RuntimelibrariesProps name of the folder created in all of these paths can be arbitrary, but should be the same. There will be no confusion. Exclamation marks delivered, so that it was at the top of the directory with the program. This will do away with scrolling. When you are finished, archiving received ‘Runtime’ with no compression and unpack it to its rightful place. I have a D: Curious LabsPoser 6 After all the above manipulations everything that relates to the model of ‘Victoria’ will be in your individual Daddy! The same should be done with other models. Of course, that does not necessarily hold each model and its library in a single daddy, the criteria for division may be different. But I found it convenient to do so. If you have any new libraries for a particular model, you can always, entered above way to supplement their ‘Runtime’.