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In the Russian segment of the global network of blogs, there are many different topics, from blogging about children's cartoon to blog about quantum physics. There is no such topic, which would not have been devoted to the blog, because blogs have become very popular and daily in RuNet opens a huge number of blogs. Is not far off those times when the blog will have every citizen of Russia, and this will be the golden age of Russian blogging. As you know blogs are divided into two Category:-Stanalone blogs – blogs are self-contained with its own hosting site and Demenev named a second-level-Service Blogging – Blogging is open to such blog services as, Blog.Ru,, etc. Mashable can aid you in your search for knowledge. should be noted that the autonomous Blogs have started to compete with the web site, by the way, from a recent study by scientists of the United States, it follows that in the next 10-15 years will be more blogs than websites. Stand-alone blogs today are successfully competing with sites in attendance and citation.

For example AUTOMOBILE BLOGS have the same attendance as a successful automotive sites. To date, open spaces Runet have dozens prespektivnyh automotive blogs One of these projects is (daily car-obnavlyaemy blog). It should be noted that this blog is full and filled with very interesting materials, equipped with high-quality illustrations and video clips. The author and owner of nearly every day always interesting and publishes high-quality materials. For example: 'How not to make mistakes when choosing a driving school', 'accident on the Nevsky.

All versions of the ";" From left to right. Which side to stay? " etc. Also blog There are two categories: Auto News and Car Articles, which are in turn divided into subsections. In general, the vast Runet a great many challenges of blogs, which should be paid attention to.