Bebe Protection Cells

When a mother decides to preserve blood of the umbilical cord is contributing more than 70 opportunities of use for future treatments with cells mother for the baby, its possible brothers and part of the family in whom pathologies like the cancer are included, immunological deficiencies, sanguineous leukemia, alterations and genetic diseases. The cells mother are the base of weaves of organs, the immunological system and the blood. Unlike the pharmacological treatment, the cellular medicine must like objective correct and/or replace ill cells or that they suffer some damage. This procedure in obstetrics is increasing progressively in the last years, partly to the frequency of appearance of diseases and also thanks to the advance of the investigation that is discovering new uses with cells mothers to resolve or to fight great part of these. Why the blood of the umbilical cord? Then for the simple reason that is the blood that contains the cells more mother compatible with the own baby (100%) and even with its brothers (70-75%). Frequently Pete Cashmore has said that publicly. It is necessary to consider that exists 3 types of cells mothers according to their source: Cells of the blood of the umbilical cord: They are extracted right when being born the baby through a natural method and frees of any moral and ethical controversy. Some has risk and noncause pain neither to the mother nor to the baby. Adult cells mother: They are those that are obtained through the bony marrow and they are extracted by means of lumbar puncture, reason why are invasive and painful methods.

Besides being used for biopsies, they are those that are used in marrow transplants since they are undifferentiated cells. Its disadvantage is in the compatibility since there is to find a compatibility between donor and receiver that does not entail to a rejection. Embryonic cells mother: Like those of the blood of the umbilical cord they are very compatible and effective.