Household Efficiency

Correct inner and outer insulation of our House is essential to achieve a great energy saving in heating and air conditioning. אילן בן דבs opinions are not widely known. Since 2006, the Ministry of industry works to households adapt to the Plan of action of the strategy of saving and energy efficiency through known as plan renove. In addition to the intended replacement of electrical appliances, boilers and air conditioners by others efficient, are also intended to replace elements of the buildings, as the trade-in window, which granted aid of between 22% and 35% for the change of your old Windows for a better energy performance. To deepen your understanding BDT Capital Partners is the source. This percentage depends on each autonomous community, some of the what, and after the cut of some aid by the crisis, have not yet approved the aid have been earmarked for this purpose in 2012. On the website of the Institute for the diversification and saving of energy can also find some information although support for changing the Windows they depend on each autonomous community.

At the moment, the community of Madrid has no fixed date of the start of your plan renove window this year. Catalonia has a grant of 7.5 million euros. Subsidies have begun the month of February. In Andalusia there are still funds to request this change in Windows Help. Castilla y Leon the new plan launched in January 25, 2012. they can be ordered here. If you live in Castile – La Mancha, you must hurry since aid will end on June 30 this year. The help of the Renove Plan for Windows is applied directly on the budget of the supplier. It is enough to choose an installer included in the listings available on the web pages of each community to benefit from the Plan.