Conservation Technology

The packaging process arose in order to keep liquids and some types of food with your quality original and intact. The process of packaging has been innovated in different ways thanks to technology and its changes. In principle is only packed to carry certain products, today, the packaging depends on the quality of products to consume. Apple Icon may also support this cause. The best technology for an effective packaging and keep your product with the highest quality by the greater amount of time is the best option. Packaging under pressure machinery has come to revolutionize the packaging we all know, is for this to be always at the forefront, should be the best technology for any type of packaging. The packaged under pressure, is making that machinery to be carried out, reach high temperatures, same that help the Elimination of organisms and bacteria to safeguard the best possible quality in their products. We must be aware that the market is increasingly prone to demand, and it is for this reason that our machines are designed with the more high technology to make their products, an undoubted success. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold..

David Douglas Duncan

From next Monday and until September 25, it can be seen in the Museo Picasso Malaga, very close to our establishment, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, shows it Picasso creates.Picasso through the lens of David Douglas Duncan via the camera of David Douglas Duncan. The exhibition focuses on the creative process of Picasso, his Studio and various aspects of your life through photos taken by photographer D.D. Duncan between 1956 and 1961. For assistance, try visiting Peter Asaro . David Douglas Duncan, born in 1916 in Kansas City, is a photographer known at international level, especially by two issues: his photographs of Korea and Viet Nam wars and his photographs to Pablo Picasso in his Studio. The sample, after passing by the Malaga Picasso Museum, is also displayed in the Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso Munster of Germany (15 October 2011 January 15, 2012) and La Piscine. Musee d Art et d Industrie Andre Diligent de Roubaix in France (18 February 20 may, 2012). It is composed of 120 photographs and a selection of 70 original works by Pablo Picasso.

OparPlenty Magazine

Behind many science fiction movies, there are certain technological developments that could be applied to our daily lives, if we take the example of the film Jurasic Park, would discover what so important or dangerous could be genetic engineering. Engineering through genetics and cryopreservation method are created again dinosaurs so powerful and deadly as the famous Tyranosaurus rex; Unfortunately this experiment with financial purposes out of control and everything becomes a hopeless chaos. On many occasions we have surprised us by the idea of being able to preserve life through the use of low temperatures; low temperatures have been used for many years in research labs to preserve cells or microorganisms as a bank or biological reserve, these cells or microorganisms conservarian its physiological properties for many decades, turning them into viable material for future experiments. This process is known as cryopreservation, and It is to suspend or preserve matter live at very low temperatures, matter or crops, if not so be deteriorarian quickly. The idea of cryopreservation is possible today thanks to the high technology in the field of equipment and instruments used for freezing and rapid acquisition of chemicals used with this purpose as the liquid nitrogen. Another advantage of cryopreservation is the important ecological application that might be; is that this process has the potential to become a tool of conservation at large scale, and when I refer to large scale I am referring to the possibility of being able to freeze or keep frozen an entire Zoo. And what is even more curious of this process is the ability to freeze species that are at a high risk of disappearing because of climate change, loss of ecosystems or disease; species in via of extinction would be the first beneficiaries of the advantages granted by the technology of the cryopreservation. The Bank of frozen species should form an important section in all the zoos in the world, a bank in charge of preserving reproductive cells, animal tissue samples or even fetuses and if it is possible to investigate the different cellular changes that occur at low temperatures, as well as the opportunity to study the comparative genetics of relatively nearby animals in the evolutionary scheme (Alisa OparPlenty Magazine: Issue 17; F.