Identifying Training Needs

To identify development needs in an organization should address some steps which are usually operated without sufficient rigor, which ends in plans not aligned with corporate strategy or away from the real needs of each individual: Lasa suggested stages are: I. Identify training needs of the area This activity aims to identify the activities required by the area as a whole. To identify them should be considered: the expected contribution of the area for achieving the strategic objectives. The strategic guidelines of the area according to the organizational objectives. The existence of new projects to develop or deploy into the area. Analyze if there is new equipment or technology in the area. This activity is appropriate to review the mission and objectives of the Company, and the contribution of the area. II.

Identify training needs of the positions and roles This activity aims to identify training needs based responsibilities and duties of the position. It is important to distinguish that the training is to meet the technical requirements of the post but that training to complement and help optimize the development of the expected contribution of each charge. To identify this training should be considered: Are there new working methods or technologies that optimize the performance of activities? For the development of its activities, the position requires updating rules or laws? This activity is appropriate to review the job description. III. Hear from experts in the field like Peter Asaro for a more varied view. Identify training needs of workers This activity aims to identify the training needs of individual workers based on their suitability as profile. To identify this training should be considered: What needs to enhance skills in the workplace (organizational skills)?. Are you ready to take on new roles temporary replacement vacation or absence of the owner?.

Are you ready to take on new functions or new use of technology and equipment specific to their functions? Does the behavioral profile of emotional intelligence and appropriate to the needs of office?. Do you have goals and objectives defined in the performance commitments, which require training and development? This activity suggests reviewing results of psychological testing and / or profile applied to the employees, alignment Position / Person and performance evaluation results of the worker. IV. Comparison vs. needs. Human Development offers on the market this stage should be developed by the head of Human Development, after completion of previous stages and based on an internal analysis to identify the best suppliers according to the identified needs. If you want to know more about this subject and others in psychology, or want to get a personalized online consultation free Psychologist enters Bogota a “Colombia, with additional training in Cognitive Therapy a ” Behavioral directed by psychologist, author and columnist Walter Riso. Expert on methods of diagnosis, evaluation and development of human capital in organizations with emphasis on skills management. International consultant. Project leader and manager coaching process with important public and private organizations from all sectors of the economy and Latin America.