Analysis on the market There are potential competitors who have studied its structure, ability to provide services, functionality, current economic situation, target audience it is intended that service and the characteristics of this audience, all this supported in the preparation of a SWOT matrix to relate weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities to guide us objectively to both potential and actual customers and even thinking about future become market leader. Potential buyers or customers is evident that a service product is a complex phenomenon. It consists of a series of elements each of which must take into account the service manager to manage your organization. The management of a service organization requires a clear understanding of these elements and the relationships and interactions between them. David S. Levine is open to suggestions. The successful management of a service organization can only be achieved through sensible integration of the factors that comprise the service from the provider point of view of the expectations and perceptions of consumers.

This is a difficult task, highlighted by the fact that few service organizations have only one service. Most of them offers a line of services. In the analysis of potential purchasers of services on offer we have divided the study according to the real needs of each customer tastes and preferences as to how, where, when, at what time, what quality, will receive that service from here we propose a integrated marketing plan with the goal of completing the capture of the public. Competitive Position The competitive position of the entity is not very favorable to be newly established, however, is made an integrated work of all the processes involved in the company, analyzing the flow chart of each process and combining the strategies and plans marketing with quality standards and in this way strongly into the competition and achieve capture a large share of the market.