Open Letter To The President Of The Republic

Dear lady President of the Federative Republic of Brazil DILMA VANA ROUSSEFF ‘ ‘ Ecce graces operariorum qui messuerunt regiones vestras qui fraudatus est the vobis clamat et outcry ipsorum in aures Domini Sabaoth introjit’ ‘. (Ia.5: 4) FABIANO BISHOP Da Silva (fictitious name), is Official of the Brazilian Air Force (BAF), and occupies the rank of First-Lieutenant-Aviator. It is crowded in the Air base of Anpolis, where he exerts the activity of pilot of the Mirage hunting. Anpolis hosts the Air base that shelters 1 Group of Aerial Defense, whose main mission is to defend the Federal Capital of possible external attacks. Source: Robotics.

The Mirage 2000C, that the BAF equips, is one supersonic hunting of interception, reputed as one of the best ones of the world in its area of performance, and is used for the daily policing of the vast domestic territory. To pilot this aircraft of highest technology, the Lieutenant Bishop passed for an arduous and primoroso preparation, that had the duration of 8 (eight) years, beyond an essential training in the France, that is the Native country of this airplane. To ascend to the ranks of its long career, Bishop will still pass for the Course of Perfectioning of Officers, School of Aerial Tactics and Superior School of War, amongst others; difficult stages, that demand of the military aviator inocultvel resignation. This military man, by being a normal person as another one any, a common citizen, is married and has a son, still in tenra infancy; destarte, it tries all the inherent problems, vicissitudes and necessities to a father of Family. Who inhabits in Anpolis can confer the nocturnal activities that the pilots carry through, many times under dense rains, this because the monitoring of our territory requires integral time, and because hecatombes intended by the nations in conflict also occurs in adverse situations, from there the intense missions in these intempries; missions these that submit the military the pressed scales of services, stealing them of to salutar conviviality its familiar in precious weekends and holiday.