Furniture Design

Are there unique furniture and bizarre that it is almost impossible to categorize? (We say “almost impossible” because the human need to catalog everything that this furniture can be classified … “of unclassifiable”). When talking about furniture, what really matters are the opportunities for inclusion in a defined space and the possible combinations with the rest of the furniture. This kind of furniture, no doubt, capture the attention and are as central to the cabinet room. To broaden your perception, visit Robotics expert . This piece and the decorations, so it must adapt to the furniture, not the reverse. The chair can be described as the chair of a king. Associations are evident and obvious, and the detailed work and meticulous wood antique furniture dating back to us and the Baroque.

Note also the figure of a lion’s head on the armrest and even the claws of the animal on the front feet. But the tapestry that makes all the difference: indeed, if we choose the traditional red tapestry with upholstery nails gold and dark brown wood, it leads to a style already seen, already treated. However, if the wood is black and the upholstery is neither conventional nor typical of antique furniture gives a chair that can be described as “hybrid”. In other words, a single chair opposite style kitsch (we mean by kitsch that does not cause a new emotion, which was converted into a model where the reader, viewer and finally recipient already possesses the tools to interpret and does not work and imagination; kitsch is what does not cause anything, which does not move). .