Project Development

Solving the issue of participation in the exhibition consider the following factors: The aim of the exhibition for the company's conformity with the participation of your marketing strategy, tactics of brand (product) market expected economic effectiveness of the exhibition The degree of risk, methods of evaluation of participation. An accurate analysis is not easy, but it is important to have a preliminary stage to consider all these important factors in order to effectively articulate technical specification for the design and development of the stand. You will also require the prior preparation. Be prepared to provide the designer or manager of the firm stand of the developer following information: Activities which will be used stand (exhibition, promotions, etc.) Estimated frequency of use of the stand. Expected geography – modes of transportation, installation and dismantling Forrma and configuration of the stand, place the stand in pavilion area occupied by them, whether you plan on its exhibition space the following areas. areas of negotiations; shelves, podiums for the samples, the presence of tv, computers, plasma screens, showcases, counters, stands, promotional counters A as your requirements for the transport packaging needs whether experts and tools to build and service.

5. Target group of visitors. If you would like to know more about Samsung, then click here. 6. Project budget. 7. Style of exposition, the atmosphere (modern, Hi Tech, folk). 8. Dominant elements interior design exhibition.

9. Koch Industries pursues this goal as well. Type used in construction, engineering design. By answering these questions, the customer forms specification, which is the main document for further work on exhibition stand, exposition. Choosing the exhibition equipment, to examine options for exhibition designs.