Education Cellular

22 Corroborating with the vision of the representative of the executive of the city of Rio De Janeiro, exists proposals of use of the cellular one in classroom as pedagogical instrument. Between days 14 and 16 of julho/2011, &#039 happened in Campinas/SP a workshop; ' Reading of Different Medias and Use of Cellular in the Room of Aula' '. The workshop is part of the V National Seminary ' ' The Professor and the Reading of Periodical Education, Media and Teaching Formation, that if realizazou in the UNICAMP' '. This seminary was promoted by the Association of Reading of Brazil (ALB), Program Periodical and Education/National Jornais Association (ANJ), College of Education of the UNICAMP and Group ALLE, and Net Anhanguera de Comunicao. Account still with support of the CAPES, FAEPEX, FAPESP and CNPQ.

The educators, ngela Junker and Elizena Cortez, coordinators of the Project ' Post office in the School, of the periodical Popular Post office, Campinas/SP' they had said in interview 23 on the subject, and had strengthened the subject as the following rank: Our pupil is not a digital immigrant, therefore already he is born inserted in the miditico context and if he uses of these resources for its social interaction. The texts, images and sounds become available the measure that the user covers the existing linkings between them he uses and them in the daily one, therefore if most of the pertaining to school time, our pupils pass in the school, as they go to dissociate these resources of its academic life? In turn, Vitorino Seixas, 24 educator in Portugal, approaches in its Blog 25 articles with stories of some proposals with the adequate use of the cellular a service of the professor. It also has in ' ' Blog of the Formao' ' , postado for educator given the same interesting on use of cellular in the schools. .