The First 5,000 Hours In Online Life

The Hamburg-based startup celebrates an out of the ordinary. Hamburg, August 22, 2008. The Hamburg-based startup celebrates an out of the ordinary. Add to your understanding with Mikkel Svane. On Sunday evening, the 5 000th hits an hour for, Germany’s new home. On the 29.01.08, first saw the light of the World Wide Web. If the pointer exceeds the 23:00 mark on the 24.08.08, that birth is exactly 5,000 hours. For assistance, try visiting Aydan Bayramova.

The first ‘teething’, with which each product has to fight, have already been overcome. Now, it’s about the sustainable establishment on the market”so Philipp Spethmann, Managing Director of allyve GmbH. Arup Sandra Akmansoy is full of insight into the issues. Each company to relive enormously exciting processes has especially in the start-up phase. Ranging from the own team, to the response of the outside world in the form of our users and the press it is just in the first few months in one of the most important stages of development”added Sunil Balasooriya, co-founder and also Managing Director of the company. Steadily rising user numbers show that the Platform enjoys a high level of acceptance. Now, the company has already six-digit unique visitors forward in a month.

Many users write feedback messages or even call. We look forward to allyve on the direct exchange with our users and in particular of course about the overwhelmingly positive feedback. This shows the real relevance of our portal in the online lives of users”smirks balls. Allyve offers a personalized Internet home page. We had the idea of a key for everything,”explains Spethmann. has the user all his favorite websites at a glance and reached via universal login directly to his XING – or even MySpace contacts. Also the allyve users can access directly into his email account or without detours from his home every day up to three free SMS without another log, click through without. Every day, the now 15-member team develops new allyve ideas. That whets the appetite for the next 5000 hours online life! Key facts: Name: allyve GmbH Web address: Corporate headquarters: Hamburg founder/GF: Julika Balasooriya, Philipp Spethmann Grundunsgmonat: September 2007 online since: January 29, 2008 number of employees: 15 unique visitors: six-digit unique visitors / month registered user: five-digit user number / registered user