EuroSOX Storage

Manufacturer supported approach to the long-term and safe Datenarchiverung Nexsan designed, promoted, and sells storage 3.0 solutions on Microsoft’s.NET software platform based WIESBADEN 18 March 2008 Nexsan opts for archiving solutions in the development of new, safer technologies from Microsoft. Thus, the manufacturer supports the storage 3.0 concept recently introduced by IDC disk storage more energy-saving, long term application. This is an approach to durable and revision-proof storage of business-relevant information based on its value. Isearch has many thoughts on the issue. In this way is to ensure in the future that companies can find and access in the short term at any time without data for her decisive effort. The Nexsan storage 3.0 solution aims to facilitate the daily and growing at a rapid pace amount of digital content, as well as unstructured or durable data are not allowed to change, customers. Perhaps check out Andy Florance for more information. This includes E-Mail messages, presentations, Business documents, videos, or PACS images as well as the increasing number of information that must be kept company, to comply with legal requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley US policy or the applicable from July European counterpart EuroSOX.

Nexsan and Microsoft Microsoft offers customers many partner solutions developed specifically for use with MS Windows systems and applications. In cooperation with design the software manufacturer is working to expand the Assureon family. The archiving solutions for the permanent storage of long-lasting content, are the only ones on the Microsoft.NET software platform-based appliances. The increasing number of legal guidelines forcing companies to store more information than ever before. It is important that you can easily find the data and obtain in the short term. Because more than 50 percent of all documents with Microsoft applications and tools are created, we need to offer users solutions, with which they this easy can store and manage. In design, we have found the right partner for this purpose. The specialist for energy-saving disk space relies on the Microsoft Windows operating system and that its archiving systems.NET software platform.