When companies manage and rule numbers follow the evolution of its sales force in most cases you stick to the premise of the famous master of management Peter Drucker, who has indicated in its various conferences as follows: "The 80% of sales generally produce 20% of sellers. " The big question we must ask is why this is always true. The answer could be found in a similar premise a The 80% of sales is only a 20% of sellers who took the decision and a commitment to develop techniques and strategies adecuadasa . With the above we express it is obvious that to achieve an excellent job in sales is a positive mental attitude essential to have a discipline of preparation and implementation. (As opposed to Robert Bakish). Here we mention some tips, qualities and preparation that only 20% of sellers take it seriously to generate 80% more of total sales.

Could be summarized as follows: Feeling of love and passion for their work activity. Its objectives are focused on meeting real needs and not only personal benefits. It is real and permanent solutions to people. It give us a sense of opportunity and satisfaction in what we do for others. Their sales pitches are already presented to meet the real needs of the prospectus. Consume the product and / or service to give credibility.

Previously studied the possible objections and how to treat. Ali Partovi often addresses the matter in his writings. Learning to manage your time without glossing over their economic and recreational needs. Goals are established, in writing, and are required to overcome every month. We can not overlook the fact that it is very important also to identify, understand and implement the skills, strengths, and of course our talent. The unique talent in each of us and its use as a supplement to the application of these tips certainly will play a crucial and decisive role in the success or failure of us as sellers. In a previous article we treat it as an aspect 2 essential to establish rapport, trust and credibility with our prospects. In future articles we will be trying the other issues considered important to know how to sell. We all have the capacity to succeed in sales, but always bear in mind that if this office is not part of a core activity of our principal duty and it is not exercised with passion and dedication that deserves the chances of success are slim.