Repair Technologies For The Office

Major maintenance includes work on the complete redevelopment of the premises, changing windows and doors, electrical wiring, as well as sewer and water services. Process work during complex repair office divided into separate stages. Each of the existing phases we consider in more detail. With the development and approval of the project, installing catwalks and arches begin any repair quality office premises. In the course of the next phase of replacing the old boxes of windows and doors for new, old and understand install new partitions and construction of plasterboard. Inside the place, and then cement pipes for hot and cold water. Replacement is carried out and the wiring to each line of machines are set-breakers.

The walls also hide the local network, security alarm wires, telephone lines, which are placed before or in plastic boxes or in special corrugated pipes. To save money on boxes, in case if the room is provided mounted ceiling, the wires can be hidden behind it. Next, you must remove old paint, wallpaper and flooring. Surfaces should be prepared for painting, and therefore they should be cleaned. As a result, the room is going to trash and junk that you want to remove.

At each stage of work cleaning and garbage collection required to garbage bags were not going in the room, disturbing work. To result in delayed delivery does not create a simple and not going all the materials in the office, preventing the normal operation construction, delivery of construction materials for such work as repair of office, should be carried out strictly according to schedule. Then comes the turn of putty and paint the walls of water-dispersed dye. If you prefer, you can Back doors and windows on popular now, aluminum and plastic windows. In bathrooms and dining room as a floor covering using ceramic tile. Installation of ceiling mounted produce in the end.