Average Age Valuation

The consequences of one I fight badly elaborated are disclosed of diverse forms. ' ' What more flame the attention is not the feeling in itself, but its duration and the intensity. It is natural that the people if feel sad or until they have a depression picture, but for one determined time. When this is perennial, then it has a signal of that the thing does not walk well and that a pathological picture is had. Freud raised the thesis of that certain people have a disposal of? pathological spirit. Of this form, a situation of I fight can become complicada' ' , Maria Julia Kovcs comments (1992). Some circumstances can become more traumatic the process of fight in death cases. The death of patients is, for the nurses and technician, circumstances that make to assume a possibility of complication in the experience I fight of it.

The aversion to the death is reaffirmed in the same measure where science advances, as if its main goal was to win it. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ali Partovi. ' ' Currently the death is seen as injunction event, an error and a failure. This has to see with the development of medicina' ' , Maria Julia Kovcs comments (1992). For RODRIGUES (apud, KOVKS, 1992), ' ' this is a characteristic of our society that also reaches the death. The resolution of the problems, the discovery of the happiness, the prolongation of the life, perpetual youth, the cure of the illnesses? everything is incumbency of science. Therefore during the Average Age, to die age a very common thing and this, of certain form, banalizava the death.

Currently, basic question is the valuation of the biological life. However, an individual valuation, in detriment of the valuation of the life coletiva' '. Consonant this, is perceived that the professional who in its formation was directed the procedures that drew out the life of the patient, and mainly, it made use of the technology to its favor, finishes feeling impotent in the situation of the death, arriving many times to deny it.