Understanding Paliengenesis

The mistake is to think that karma is not mutable. The karma is plastic and can negotiate their weight revocation request, and close the account of all that, apparently, is due. Many emotional issues or illnesses are karmic issues, particularly genetic diseases, because they have an etherized structure of the human being an outstanding learning. The traces of violence that human beings have suffered for centuries, leaving their footprints and destructibility a life. With a new life, re-structural the physical culprit be a new opportunity to play the balance-necessary. Links remain: for love or pain, people stay connected through the centuries and times. It is always a learning issue. Some among them are pending to build, or to remedy or to compensate.

So much hate as love remains and unites people through their lives. What is that one must assume parental roles or gender, are rotary and a man might assume the female gender in life to learn a new relational issues with someone who also pack sex in a new experience together. For better or worse, finding the balance and the opportunity to resolve outstanding issues, always exist and are repeated through the ages. Parents can become sons, husbands, brothers, lovers, enemies, etc.. It seems that this apparent promiscuity raises the banner of tolerance in the observation of our past lives. Self-forgiveness and forgiveness to others: Through the ages many people may be linked by an unresolved dispute. Once, at some time must end the conflict.

We must end in a “civilized” character evolved. Forgiveness, rather than recognition of wrong positions and actions busy, is the psychic detachment of two or more people.The forgiveness must be oneself and to others. For oneself, it becomes a sincerity that should be permanent, and perhaps even tolerant: a constant growing self-understanding of the major limitations and especially the ignorance in these matters. The forgiveness of others should be unilateral. Not required to be consented by the other person. Must be at own initiative, the person who is forgiven and does not count. It is disconnected from the rancor that unites them, and being forgiving is removed a huge weight off, or perhaps a backpack that was for centuries. Paliengenesis: Before the birth of a person planning a space where a person negotiates and choose the conditions, form, and even those who are going to be their parents. Also, if necessary, scheduled diseases, testing, accident studies, countervailing facts, etc. The paliengenesis is a life planning then free will of each one coming true or not. Many congenital issues, or insurgences, are scheduled. Paliengenesis process is scheduled to be largely dominated by a few years as a technology of the new era which we live. Prophylactic Information: Find out about all these items, by a therapist, or oneself, is absolutely necessary. It is inevitable, and even compassionate toward who will address the experience of an armature. If someone is not ready on the above points, will understand that this amnesia-remembering their past lives, is a blessing.