School Cellular

For the visa our schools are without authority to evaluate the laws that must be followed by professors, pupils and employees. now who is that it decides what is the best one for one of the most important institutions of our society is the government, that stops deluding the people who lately comes being so ignorant forbids the use of cellular in the classroom. Or the government already does not have more obligations to fulfill (it would have to think about solutions for the innumerable problems of the State), or is same the school that already does not have more all the respect that must have when placing rules in its enclosure. You may find Mikkel Svane to be a useful source of information. I can agree that the pupils of old already were not interested themselves for the lessons, now imagines with cellular accessible even though the children more tenras I believe that when had invented the cellular one they had thought about facilitating the communication first, the process of technology attributed to this device was developing throughout many years, when the communication is accessible to the school the use of the cellular one already loses its function main. For example, the majority of the Brazilian schools (it would like to say all) already if had adjusted to the use of the form technology to facilitate to the process of interaction between pupil and professor, and to apartir of the moment that exists telephone and email to enter themselves in contact with the school or with the pupil that studies there in an emergency, not if some of a cellular device has necessity to be used in classroom. This prevents a series of situations as, for example, the resource that the pupil finds to copy of its classmate being used the electronic in some ways; the writing of a fact occurred in classroom between many others It is necessary also that the employees and professors of the school also abandon the bad habit of the use without necessity of the same, therefore the first ones to give to the example always must be these! Finally I find that the school must come back to be what has some years behind, control point for that wants to grow, and the respect to the professors would have to be perpetual for contributing of so significant form for society forming citizens with conscientious opinions, exactly that the State does not want that let us be intelligent..