How To Increase Google Adsense CTR

I've been an AdSense publisher for some time, and I'd like to share five AdSense techniques that helped me to increase my monthly income. I hope these tips will also work. 1 .- Mix the bottom of ads with content. Nothing discourages a visitor more than a page full of advertising or announcements. Adopt a more quiet approach to advertising and make the AdSense ads look relevant, useful content instead of looking for quick cash.

2 .- Stay away from the default template for AdSense. The users have become accustomed to the template of what AdSense CTR down much of the page, because my recommendation is to alter the color palette and put an original look at the AdSense template. 3 .- Use links in blue. Since the birth of the Internet, visitors click on links in blue. Everyone is used to that.

So stick with the links in blue and Testing to see if in fact the CTR increases. 4 .- Use fewer AdSense. When changing 3-2 AdSense units, I experienced a rapid rise in CTR. Many of your AdSense blocks go unnoticed, hurting the CTR and CPM. Experiment with AdSense units few, and see if it helps or not the percentage of clicks. 5 .- Test, test, test. This is the most important concept of all. Never too complacent with your CTR. Probably you can always do better. Always keep track to see behavioral changes. Keep trying and experimenting is the only way to find the best recipe in your AdSense websites.