Virtual PBX – New Fashion

Idea of a new business can be divided into two groups. The first – not innovative, historically proven, calculated that the market is not saturated. (As opposed to Kam VedBrat). For example, open a barber shop, car wash, make building blocks. These business plans exist in dozens of variations and are painted in great detail. אילן בן דב may help you with your research. The profitability of these businesses is strictly limited by the market. The second – the innovative businesses, to launch the product or service not previously on the market. Ideas of this business can be found traveling, watching the world's business press, and gadgets.

Similar businesses in case of success are extremely profitable. On such an innovative idea, we now and talk, and it is connected with information technology and telephony. Let's start with a description of the situation with the telephony business in the west. To start understand what business telephony. Business telephony is a number of functions and features extend the capabilities of conventional telephony.

For example, your home phone is a phone line and, as its capabilities are limited to receiving and making calls. Telephony average organization is a multi line PBX, phones, and dozens of employees. Telephony organization allows you to make internal calls, play a greeting companies to create scripts ('order to listen to information about a product, press # 1 '), to build incoming calls in the queue, wait time to report the operator to record all calls, forward calls to mobile employees if they do not take up in the office and more.