Ancestral Contact In The Walburgisnacht… So Could It Be

Bewitched meets its purpose in the night of witches, it is Walburgisnacht. The night of the witches, and each is known that witches are daughters of the fallen angel Lucifer – so of the devil. And they come from hell. There it is very fiery – witches are so they are some red-blooded and phantasievoller…als normal women with that in mind all meet in the old castle ruins. Some are seductively dressed and masked.

It is night, the flames of numerous candles and torches flame in the wind, smoke and mysterious incense fragrance be sprayed sense flows through the old walls, hell or even heavenly sounds echo across the room. A witch dressed in a red-and-black dress, as the pure temptation, walks in, in the hand she’s holding a red and a black silk scarf. With these, it will connect the chosen ones that tie the hands and the eyes so he can enjoy the ritual of love. Don’t know who it will be. She just know that he will find them. So It stands in the prophecy.

There is, that he will find them and joins with her when it is time. She turned to a wall and watched the hustle and bustle from a distance. Suddenly, she felt hot breath on her neck. When she turns around she can look in two beautiful Brown eyes and offers a wonderful and at the same time full of secret smile. He had dark hair and a handsome male face. Without talking to her, he pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately. Samsung may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Then he moved it into a dark corner and took her to the Silk scarves out of hand. He thus tied her to a gate and joined her eyes. Again he kissed her, this time but with a passion she had never experienced. Delicate, their tongues played with each other. A warm feeling flowed through her body. She felt the magical passion and the Crackle in the air. Then she felt his hands on her body. He stroked slid along her neck with his mouth. It durchzuckte it like a bolt of lightning. Her heart began to race. You felt his warm breath on her whole body. He hardly touched her and yet she feels his lips everywhere. Suddenly he stopped. Then she heard him speak very softly. You may want to visit Energy Capital Partners London to increase your knowledge. But she could not understand the words. Elen feana or govas nis. Aniron resources. (A star shines above our encounter. I want you.) He took her scarf from his eyes and looked at her. And said: Telithon ad. (I will come back). Then he kissed her and walked towards the door and disappeared into the darkness. She know not had passed away how much time, when the others found her. She was tied up with the silk scarf at the gate. Everyone wanted to know what had happened. Who and why she was tied up at the gate. Although he was no longer visible, she felt his presence and his kisses on her skin. As they tied her hands go, she all smiled mysteriously and said: next year we will spend again on this castle the Walburgisnacht, because here we are at the place destined for us. Here we will find our Ancestors.