The way of the trainer. There are ex–soccer players with a great sport file and a certain number of them when they retire wants to continue their soccer race like trainers, up to here all correct one. What it does not seem or so logical to me is that those old soccer players by very good that they have been, by many titles that have won or by many international parties that have played, want to become elite trainers overnight. Although it is clear that all the accumulated experience in the land game in its many years of professional practice is going to be used to them in the future for its work in the benches, but everything in due course. Perhaps like player you have been authentic crack, that there are been in highest of the step, but you leave when it and raisins to be trainer your status already is different, so there is to be lowering steps and to put itself to the tail. Read more here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

This would have of knowing it some ex–soccer players of prestige who have still not known how to accept their new situation. To be trainer is another very different thing to be player and only with experience of to have been soccer player is not worth. It is necessary to study, it is necessary to prepare itself, it is necessary to know how to handle all the threads of a very difficult profession in which the trainer as director of a human group has to know how to develop in situations very it jeopardize, as much at human level as sport. He is not enough with knowing of soccer, the learning and the improvement are very ample and include many matters in which the technician must demonstrate essential knowledge for the exercise of his profession, and that does not mean that the preparation level ensures the success far from it, we already know that the ball is capricious, but doubtlessly the trainer preparation and with good warehouse of knowledge always will have more probabilities of prevailing. He makes grace me recently listen some soccer player (we avoid names) distant to say that already one is perfectly enabled to train in first division, without neither so at least to have trained nor to an equipment of young fishes. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is open to suggestions.

More humility, please! and more respect for other trainers who do not have name, but if many years of office and experience in the benches and that take to long time hoping their opportunity. Alpaca Aryan. National trainer of Soccer. Microcourse Trainer (1). Source: Note of Press sent by Alpaca Aryan.