Advantage Through Innovative Maintenance Management

About lean production and TPM incorrectly equated often lean production with a drastic reduction in the number of employees. However, the maxim behind lean is a maximizing of the value for the customers in minimizing the waste in the value creation process. There are different methods for achieving this state of affairs. Total productive maintenance is a method of”(TPM), which once again finds its origins in Japan. TPM is designed to achieve a one hundred percent availability of machines and equipment.

The fundamental innovation of the TPM concept was also not only the maintenance Department for the process of improvement was responsible, but rather everyone in it were included. By means of joint care and maintenance of the machines production and maintenance, communication between the two areas is improved, avoided idling and ensures flexible action. The overall equipment efficiency of a company is composed of the availability rate, the performance index and the Quality rate together. These figures are influenced by the six great loss sources, which are disposed in turn represents a job TPM. The sources of loss is losses due to idle and short standstill, lack of qualification to system failures through errors, long set-up and make-ready work, difficulties, the operator, as well as wear and tear. With the help of a comprehensive maintenance program–is effectively counteracted this loss sources. A comprehensive maintenance program based maintenance-improving maintenance and optimization on the three pillars of process-related.

“The process-related maintenance” includes the quick discovery and treatment of Anlagenanormalitaten before they lead to impairments through periodic inspections and scheduled restoration of the initial situation. Improving maintenance”looking for ways to increase the reliability and performance of the systems to ultimately achieve an increase in system efficiency. In the course of enhancing maintenance”improvement teams are looking for measures to reduce system downtime and set-up times. The optimization”continuously improves the necessary for execution of the scheduled maintenance program processes, such as the repair times, spare parts Exchange, the spare parts storage and data management. Just the data management a key role here: so, but a detailed documentation of all irregularities, represents the base of each improvement. In the course of the documentation, data such as plant, machinery breakdowns, errors, cleaning and maintenance, repairs, Verschleissbedingter Exchange should as well as spare parts optimal way are recorded in a maintenance log book. With the introduction of TPM concept, the fact must be always present that it is a long process, which can not be implemented in a very short time. TPM workshops or training method lead to a complete anchoring of the TPM concept in the Organisation and support the consolidation of the TPM idea in the minds of all employees. The business IT engineers is composed of experienced business consultants and innovative IT specialists. At Energy Capital Partners London you will find additional information. As a consulting company, the business IT engineers supporting companies of any size and industry for years. The consulting portfolio of business IT engineers includes among others also building and the introduction of a TPM concept individually tailored to the needs of the company, the implementation of TPM-workshops or also the coaching and training of TPM methods. “In addition, the business IT engineers have extensive know-how in terms of total productive maintenance” traded the TPM Manager in a software solution. TPM Manager, the business IT engineers have implemented their experiences from the business practice in a user friendly, pragmatic and economic maintenance management software.