Windows Mobile

iPhone – turn on and manageable. The first launch of the iPhone does not require long and painful procedures, installation or setup, because everything is already configured and ready to go. The menu is arranged so intuitive that even an inexperienced user will be difficult to get lost in the its simple topology. Huge screen provides comfortable navigation and control communicator. For a detailed review with a list of 'full-time options ", you can click here.

The standard software package for the first opinion seems to be very lean until you realize that before you rather player, able to make calls, rather than 'branch' desktop. Moreover, in contrast to the more stuffed with software, PDA based on Windows Mobile, iPhone is more convenient to use. Programs automatically shuts down when you press Home, and do not load the memory device, the image is scaled flick of the fingers and the screen rotation is carried out automatically as you rotate the body phone. Should I mention that to adjust the brightness of the iPhone has a special optical sensor, and protection against inadvertent inclusion was withdrawn not shortcut or a special button and light finger. However, a barrel of honey poses a number of tar. First of all, iPhone has seemed to be too bulky and heavy. True, the first due to screen size, and the last – durable. Secondly, the touch-screen iPhone controlled only with your fingers, and is insensitive to any style, so that owners of large hands will have to develop fine motor skills.