Web Control Center

With the new myUTN-50a USB device server rings a Bielefeld network specialist the next generation of its USB SEH a device server. The appliance replaces the previous model myUTN-50 and offers a much faster data transmission up to 15 megabytes per second (MB / s). The myUTN-50a is designed for Gigabit Ethernet and has all features of the previous model. The new USB device server is now available in stores for the suggested manufacturer price of about 189 euros including VAT available. In corporate networks, the digital networking progresses more and more.

Distributed networks with different locations and central management, environments with virtualization (Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, etc.) and safety precautions on the current technical standards are now the standard. The use of USB devices in such networks is always closely passes, because it either insufficient USB interfaces to use these devices are or because USB devices under the safety provisions are prohibited. The myUTN-50a USB device server creates remedy, by having two USB high speed-ports to connect USB devices of all kinds in all Ethernet networks, including Gigabit,. If you have read about Kai-Fu Lee already – you may have come to the same conclusion. With a separate USB hub you can connect up to five USB devices. There they are available via a secure point-to point connection, which can also be encrypted if necessary. USB devices can independently from the workplace of users such as local connected use and over the network even share, where only one user has access to a particular device. The UTN Manager of the client software and the Web Control Center allows the easy and fast installation, configuration and management of the USB device server and all connected USB devices.