Ventilated Facades

Ventilated facades to get quality, you must comply vseetapy design and installation. We consider the main stages of the design of ventilated facades for buildings. First you need to decide choice of architectural solutions ie, whether the new look of your building in harmony or contrast with other adjacent buildings. Next> step follows from the first, namely the choice of facing materials of the facade, its color, and substructure. The following is to calculate the thermal engineering, and mechanical characteristics of the design. Determine the thickness of insulation and glass formulas. The choice of system profiles. Adjustment of the architectural solutions taking into account the strength calculation (plans, sections, elevations).

Layout of installation sites bearing bracket, a breakdown of the facade panels and boards. Harmonious alignment with the translucent structures bases, ventilated facades, development of compounds, testing for the presence of relative tightness. Development of color solutions for glasses and strap closing seams. Binding of decorative elements to the facade. Sizes, mountings, technology .Soblyudenie design phases of ventilated facades is of great importance when facing the buildings, since it affects the strength of the whole structure and the relevance of appearance.