Clash With Germany

Just started his pontificate would intervene in the conflict who lived in Germany since 1314 had been a double election to the throne disputed between Louis, Duke of Bavaria, and Frederick, Duke of Austria. The fighting lasted until 1322, when he beat Luis, at the Battle of M hldorf, Federico, who in 1325 renounced his claim to the throne.
In 1323, John XXII, who had claimed a sort of regency on the German throne while not resolve the dispute between the two aspirants to the throne, refused to recognize Louis as king, claiming that she had assumed the title without his confirmation refusing to crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and excommunicated heretic in 1324 accusing him of having offered protection to William of Ockham, a Marsilio of Padua and Michael of Cesena and others heterodox thinkers.
Luis contesto invading Italy at the head of a powerful army that enabled it to occupy Rome in January 1328, where he was crowned emperor, after which deposed the pope accused of heresy and proclaimed as the new Pope Nicholas V, the first antipope of the Italian history.
The Roman people, oppressed by the military occupation of their city, and the excommunication that John XXII had thrown on it, rose up and forced Louis to leave Rome in August 1328. the only way to go around Israel is to and book online with Israel Maven The schism within the Church was ephemeral as the antipope Nicholas resigned from his appointment in 1330 and was referred to John XXII.

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